Plan the Perfect First Date with These Impressive Ideas

First dates can be the hardest to plan and they come with a lot of pressure. Are you tired of first-date clichés such as cinema dates and dinner nights? Why play it safe when you can make an impression? There are lots of romantic and creative first-date ideas that help you make an impression and get a second date. Here are some incredible ideas to help you plan the perfect first date.


Play a Video Game

Playing video games is a great first date idea it’s fun and erases any nervousness. Indulge in a friendly competition regardless of the distance between you two. Gone are the days when you have to be in the same room to play your favorite games with each other. This could be the perfect idea for couples who live far apart from each other or cannot have an in-person first date due to lockdown restrictions.

Take a Cooking Class

Have an incredibly fun date while brushing up your cooking skills with your date. Choosing an activity for a first date is a great way to engage and build a connection with your date. This can be equally as fun when done virtually as well. Remember to approach this with the right attitude and be willing to make a mess!



Watch the Sun Rise

There is something magical and romantic about watching the sunrise. This is great for early birds, so make sure your date is the kind that likes to get up early. This sunrise stroll can be an even more perfect date if you go to brunch with your date after.

Ride the Rollercoasters at a Theme Park

Are you and your date the adventurous type? Get the adrenalin pumping by channeling your inner child and testing your date’s nerves by going on rides at a theme park. This is an active first date, but also one with lots of laughter and adventure.

Have a Picnic at a Scenic Point

If you want to have the most romantic first date that will take your date’s breath away, then a picnic with the most scenic view might just be the perfect date idea for you. Scout for the location, choose a day with great weather and visit the farmer’s market or local grocery store to shop for fruits or ingredients you need for cooking. Do this during the sunset and the romance levels will be off the scale.


plan the perfect first date


Play Tourists in Your Own City

Explore your city’s hidden corners like a local. This is not a common date idea but you’d be surprised how much you and your date will enjoy doing this. This is a great opportunity to visit all the places you’ve always wanted to go to or places you cannot wait to show your date if they haven’t been there.

Take a Coffee Walk

Sometimes the simpler things end up being the most memorable and romantic. Pick up a coffee and take a walk in the park or somewhere with a nice view with your date. This allows you two to converse more and learn about each other. To make this more of an adventure, pick a location you both are unfamiliar with.

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