10 Best Compact Exercise Equipment For Small Spaces

An affordable house with an ample amount of space is something you find in Indiana or Mississippi, not usually in California or New York. So if you are a resident of Cali or NYC then you must have realized that these cities feel huge from the outside but everything inside is just small. I mean visiting NYC is great!! Almost everything that you need is just right around the corner, even during the hours of the night. It is a treat for extroverts. However, things change when you are living here. Looking for the best exercise equipment for small spaces? Then continue reading!

Limited space isn’t the only glaring issue here, the cost of stuff is annoying as well, which includes your gym too. So the ideal solution to this would be to turn your home into a gym. I’ll admit it will be tough at first, but once you get the hang of it you will start enjoying this. Besides, you can set your own pace and can work out whenever you feel like it, which is another plus if you ask me. So to get this show on the road, we have compiled a list of the 10 best compact exercise equipment for small spaces. So, let’s begin!


  1. Dumbbells (Lightweight)

These dumbbells are great for kickboxing, Pilates, toning, and yoga.  If you are working out with your body weight and need to amp it up then these dumbbells would come in handy. They are not only cheaper but convenient as well.

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   2. Dumbbells (Adjustable)

If you are aiming for strength training then adjustable dumbbells must be on your list. These dumbbells are capable enough to go from 3 pounds to 24 pounds, which honestly is more than enough. The best part is it only occupies the space of just a single set of weights.


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   3. Folding Compact Elliptical

Having a traditional elliptical at your home might not be possible but a folding elliptical is worth considering. There is no shortage of folding ellipticals in the market, all you have to do is just fold them and store it vertically which reduces their footprint in half. Another option you can consider for your small space is a recumbent bike as it targets the hamstrings better than upright bikes.


Best Home Fitness Equipment 1 Exercise Equipment For Small Spaces


  4. Resistance Bands

One of the most versatile training equipment ever concocted.  They are great for flexibility toning and strength training. You can utilize these bands to tone your entire body and since they take up virtually zero space, you can even carry them while you are traveling.


Exercise Equipment For Small Spaces


   5. Kettle Bell

If you haven’t worked out with a kettlebell then you are missing something great. They can burn loads of calories in just a small duration of time, making them quite effective. It’s a welcoming change from the dumbbells. You can also buy an adjustable kettlebell set as well.


Exercise Equipment For Small Spaces


   6. Inflatable Exercise Ball (Mini Version)

When you are stuck with limited space having a regular versioned exercise ball is not an option, but a mini ball can work wonders. These inflatable balls are great for your abs and inner thigh workouts. You can also do crunches and planks with them.


Exercise Equipment For Small Spaces


   7. Sliders

There are various workout regimens involving sliders, choose the one that you find appealing.  The best thing about sliders is that you can get your whole body involved with them. Yet another advantage is that it uses your own body’s resistance, thus making it effective for different strength levels. Plus it has a negligible footprint.

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  8. Buttock Bands

When we say whole body workout we mean the entire body. These buttock bands are really good for your outer thighs. They are quite economical and petite which makes them rather easy to carry. Since they come in different weight ranges you can incorporate them in cardio workout or Pilates.


Exercise Equipment For Small Spaces

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  9. Ankle Weights

If you prefer low-impact workouts (like Pilates) more than other workouts. Then ankle weights are the best way to surge the intensity without getting too much strain on your muscles.


Exercise Equipment For Small Spaces

  10. Yoga Mat

Might seem insignificant but having a yoga mat is fairly important. It not only provides some additional cushioning but also prevents you from sliding.


Exercise Equipment For Small Spaces



So these are the best compact exercise equipment for small spaces. Don’t pay heed to the misconception that workout at home requires plenty of space. I mean yes, space is accommodating, but those who don’t have the luxury of extra space have to make do with what’s available.

The above-mentioned list of equipment wouldn’t demand much space from your apartment. When it comes to it you don’t need much space to have an effective workout, just enough to lay down your yoga mat and you are good to go. If not then the alternative would be to pay hundreds of dollars on a gym membership.


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