10 Features That Your Home Camera Security Systems Should Have

What price are you willing to pay for your home security?

For millions of homeowners and renters, home security cameras might be a worthwhile investment. They also act as an effective tool to fight against crime.

One of the biggest advantages you get with home camera security is getting an immediate visual deterrent against break-in, burglary, and trespassing.

Since technology has made it possible to control your surveillance system from your smartphone, monitoring your home security has become as easy as picking your phone.

That being said, you can’t just pick any home camera security system.

So in this guide, we will break down the features that you must be looking for in a home camera security system.


Why Do You Need A Home Camera Security System?

Home camera security is important for your family’s safety.

Now that the crimes rates are at a peak, we can see news and headline about someone being murdered in their home or burglary that happened when the family was out.

A home security camera is the best tool for home protection. Burglars are wary of the properties that have security cameras in place. Plus, if a crime does occur, you will have evidence to display to the officers.

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10 Features That Your Home Camera Security Systems Should Have


Features To Look Out For In A Home Security Camera

Deciding to install a home camera security system in the house is a step, but knowing what type……well, now that is a tricky question to answer.

Modern security camera systems boast many features to safeguard your property. However, when you start looking for one, you will be bombarded with many options.

The features that were considered premium many years ago have now become the baseline today. This gives you a better option to choose from.

Another thing to note is that just going with the ‘best’ home security camera will not do the job. As you continue searching for the right home camera security system. You will find that the ‘best’ term is ambiguous.

Different cameras serve different purposes and are better than others in what they are meant to offer.

With that being out, let’s continue with the features you must look into while searching for the right home camera security system.


CCTV camera in front of house 700x400 flipped


1. Motion Sensing

Motion sensors have become the norm of the modern-day home camera security system, especially when recording any suspicious activity that may continue while the camera is running.

Instead of recording video 24X7, you can use a motion-sensing camera to record things when they are in motion. Furthermore, if you have a smart motion-sensing camera connected to your mobile app, it can notify you about any suspicious movements.

2. Video Quality

The recording of the video should be your primary concern. What’s the point of having a home camera security in place when you can’t figure out the person you see in the video.

However, keep in mind that the better the resolution of the video, the larger your file size is. You can reduce the storage consumption capacity by having a motion sensor.

3. Two Way Audio

Two-way audio can be a great thing to have, especially when installing a camera right in front of your doorbell. The two-way audio will help you communicate with the person outside the home. This feature really comes in handy when you are alone in the home or use it to warn the intruder about the authorities reaching on their way to the home.

4. Low Light Output

Low-light cameras really work the best when you want to record during the nighttime. It uses a very small amount of ambient light and produces a substantially clearer image. This same camera can also be used as night vision goggles.

However, there is a limitation to this low-light output camera; if there is no light in the vicinity, it cannot record clear images. In that case, you can always go for infrared cameras.

5. Remote Access

Remote access to your live feed or your camera video is crucial; this allows you to monitor your home no matter where you are. Today, almost every home camera security system comes with this feature.

You can even activate and deactivate the camera remotely with the remote access camera. The cool part of this camera is that they are also integrated with the other technological appliances in the house. This gives you the freedom to control them as well.

6. Wireless Technology

Having the best camera is no good if the connection can be cut off with a simple cable snap. You would like to have a camera that can share the feed with you wirelessly without degrading the footage quality.

7. Wide Angle Video

Wide Angle cameras cover more areas than normal home security cameras. This is just to ensure no one can bypass their area of vision. Using a wide-angle camera also reduced the need to use a different camera to cover other areas.

8. Smartphone App Support

Nowadays, there are applications for everything. Yes, for home camera security systems as well. So, pick a home camera security system that allows you to monitor what’s going on inside the house via the application.

9. Durability

Do not forget about the durability of the camera. Most security cameras are installed outside the house. Hence, they need to be durable enough to withstand different weather and temperatures.

10. Zooming Capacity

Finally, the zooming capacity. There are times when a camera records small movements which are hardly recognizable. With higher zooming capacity, you can zoom in to see what is actually happening.


10 Features That Your Home Camera Security Systems Should Have


Get Your Home Security Camera System Today!

Installing a home security camera can feel like an ordeal. There are just too many things you need to consider, technical terms to learn, features to know, and maintenance to follow.

However, if you can put up with all these things, it can offer the security and family safety you need for your home.

If you like this guide, we have got more in store for you. Continue reading our other posts and discover other things about home living.

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