10 Incredible Ways to Eliminate Garden Weeds: Gardening Tips

A neat and clean lawn requires some dedication. Just as there are many ways to make your land luxuriant, we should never forget the trap of weeds, capable of ruining our beautiful gardens and all the “work” that many of us do. To eliminate garden weeds it is not always necessary to resort to the use of chemicals. Obviously, we are not talking about large areas to weed, just as it is good to keep in mind that the natural products you will see should only be used on plants to be eliminated, also because they are not selective and specific herbicides.

These are natural remedies useful to eradicate unwanted seedlings that grow in the courtyard, in the avenues, or between the tiles of your terrace, but also in the vegetable gardens. Just think that the effectiveness of some clear gardening tips can be tested directly on the lawn at home.

If you also think that there is nothing more annoying than the weeds that ruin the enchanting beauty of a garden, find out what are the 10 easy tricks to get rid of these unwelcome guests:


Eliminate Garden Weeds

1) Coarse salt

This method is only valid for weeds that grow between the gravel or between the terrace tiles. Spreading coarse salt kills all plant forms, therefore this solution is not directly applicable on the lawn. Even with fine salt, a good effect is obtained, albeit on a smaller scale.

2) Vinegar, a valid ally against weeds

White vinegar, as in many other household areas, is a valid natural remedy against weeds. It should be applied directly to the plants to be eradicated and in three days it will kill the roots. In the case of widespread weeds, it is advisable to use a vaporizer. This trick is particularly effective on sunny days.

3) Vodka

In the same style as vinegar, the use of a vodka-based mix is also used to eliminate weeds easily and naturally. Just spray a mixture of water, vodka, and a few drops of dish detergent on them to dry them in a very short time. Be careful though: they must be exposed to the sun!


rfe Eliminate Garden Weeds


4) The cooking water of the vegetables

It is an old very effective trick that consists of boiling potatoes and vegetables in a pot for a few minutes and finally pouring boiling water directly on the weeds. This method is economical and ecological because it does not use chemical elements to kill weeds. So the next time you cook vegetables, remember to keep the water!

5) The mechanical herbicide

The mechanical herbicide is the best solution if the lawn has weeds here and there. This method allows, in fact, to easily weed out the weeds starting from the root, preventing their regrowth. Furthermore, something that many could underestimate, avoid opting for the “manual” technique. The mechanical herbicide, in fact, saves a lot of tiring work on our back!

6) The pasta cooking water

An equally valid and ancient trick is to pour the cooking water of the pasta on the weeds that grow in the lawn or on the gravel of the path and you will soon see what results! This technique has the same principle as the previous one: however, pay attention to the rice cooking water because it could leave a patina of starch on the lawn, some disgusting.


34ref Eliminate Garden Weeds


7) The grass

If during the seeding of the lawn you will advance dell ‘ grass, do not throw it away. It is, in fact, a useful herbicide with which you can cover the weeds. Warning: the application of this method in the case of widespread weeds could, however, worsen the problem! Of course, it’s a very inexpensive way to try to stem the infestation!

8) The pirodiserbo

A thermal herbicide will undoubtedly burn the weeds grown between the crevices of the sidewalk, between the tiles on the terrace, or between the gravel of the driveway. Not only that: moss, fungal diseases, and insects are also eliminated with the pirodiserbo technique. However, this truly effective method can not be used on the lawn, as it would risk igniting.

9) Weed out the weeds without difficulty

If you have no other means at your disposal besides your own hands, with a little patience it is always possible to tear the weeds from the ground after a rain or watering. When the soil is moist, in fact, the seedlings soften and are easier to eradicate. Obviously, wear a pair of gloves so you don’t have to take the dirt off your nails!

Eliminate Garden Weeds

Are you overrun with weeds? In this case, a mulching sheet could really be for you, especially if it is your garden bed that is attacked by weeds. It is an inexpensive and lasting solution, although not particularly pleasant in terms of aesthetics, which will prevent the growth of weeds.

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