10 Personal Touches That Make a House a Home

The interior design market is worth a staggering $17.5 billion in the US alone.

And, it continues to grow as more people look for ways to improve their living spaces. But did you know that you don’t necessarily need a professional to help you?

In fact, the DIY route is preferable because only personal touches can make a house feel more like home. Wondering how to make a house a home by yourself at little to no cost?

Read on for some surefire tips.


1. Use Playful Accessories

The easiest way to personalize your house is by using colors. And what better way to do so than with eye-catching accessories?

Let your love for color pop in every room in the house. Place some throw pillows on your couch and a colorful rug in your living room.

Color brightens everything up, so you’ll no doubt look forward to coming home every day. And, you don’t need an extravagant budget to make this happen as you can thrift most accessories.


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2. Bring Nature into Your House

Plants will make your house pleasant in an instant. Get some plants for your dining area, bedrooms, living room, and even your kitchen.

You can get low-maintenance plants like peace lilies and devil’s ivies. All you need to do is water them, and they’ll not only make your space look lively but also purify your air.

Also, you can always get artificial plants if you’re too busy to take care of real ones. Nobody has to know they’re fake because they look just like the real ones.


10 Personal Touches That Make a House a Home


3. Make Your Home Functional

There’s nothing that’ll have you looking forward to a day indoors than a functional home. So, identify all the things you constantly use and make them easier to access.

Don’t put all your utensils and appliances in cabinets if you enjoy cooking. Instead, store them in colorful jars on our kitchen counter. This way, you bring life to your kitchen and have an easier time cooking.

Likewise, don’t lock away all your books if you’re an avid reader. Instead, display them on a shelf in your living room. You don’t need to arrange them, as a bit of chaos will give your space some life.


10 Personal Touches That Make a House a Home


4. Display Art on Your Walls

Nothing depersonalizes a home more than empty walls. So, strive to spruce up your walls by adding some art or family photos.

Avoid using expensive artwork in your living room, more so if you have kids. Instead, create some art pieces for your walls with your loved ones.

These days, there are many resources for home decoration ideas. If interested, view here for more information.


lmmkl Make a House a Home


5. Let Each Room Have a Personality

Don’t be afraid to let your playfulness come out when decorating your space. Your home needs to be an extension of yourself, so follow your gut.

Use bold colors and even bolder furnishings for your rooms. If you have kids, let them join in the decorations by allowing them to choose their rooms’ color themes. This way, everyone in your home will have a space they can call their own.


embrace earth tones feng shui bedroom Make a House a Home


6. Invest in Your Porch

Do you enjoy hosting family events and friends’ meet-ups? If so, you’ll need to make your guests feel welcome from the moment they enter your compound.

Add some potted plants on your porch and bring out the ‘Welcome Home’ mat. Sure, the mat may be a little cliché, but that’s what makes a house a home.


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7. Use Fruits as Accessories

Each season brings excellent fruit décor ideas. Use green apples, oranges, bananas, pumpkins, and any fruit you can find to add some greenery to your space.

A fruit bowl can breathe life into your kitchen and living room. You don’t need an extravagant bowl to achieve this, as any simple glass bowl will do.

If you’re looking for a minimalist but homey look, use fruits instead of bold accessories. Fruits appear more natural and ooze refinement. Ensure you get fresh ones when old ones lose their color to maintain visual appeal.


10 Personal Touches That Make a House a Home
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8. Add Mirrors to Your Space

Mirrors create the illusion of space, making your home appear bigger than it is. Also, they can hide temporary imperfections in your walls.

There are various ways to use mirrors as décor. You can place a full-length mirror and a large plant in a corner for a homey look. Or, you can add a mirror over your mantel.

This is the best mirror placement idea for a home with kids. Ideally, your mirror should be of the same width as your mantel.


10 Personal Touches That Make a House a Home


9. Use Meaningful Accessories

Add meaningful pieces like your kids’ artwork and travel memorabilia to your space. Place them in the most random places, like on your fridge or bookshelf. This way, guests always know whose house they’re in without being told.


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10. Use Scented Candles

You can also personalize your home through smell. There’s nothing better than walking into a home that smells of baked goods.

The good news is that you don’t need to bake all the time for your house to carry this incredible smell. All you need is a good scented candle. There are many scent options in the market, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a good one.


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Ready to Make a House a home?

These are a few small touches to make a house a home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or hire a professional to help you.

You can do most of these things yourself. Or, you can make a family activity out of them by asking your loved ones to help.

Either way, let your gut and personality lead you. Don’t be afraid to play with color or accessories, as a house is only a home if it represents you.

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