10 Reasons It Makes Sense to Add a Veranda to Your Garden

A veranda is a structure built to the rear, side, or front part of the home. Verandas are designed to provide you and your family with shelter from the elements, or they can be used as a sun trap. If your garden is looking a little bare and it’s time for some upgrades, here are some reasons why it makes sense to add a veranda in your outdoor space today.


Extended Living Space

If you’re a homeowner looking for more living space, rather than going down the route of adding another room which can cost a fortune, why not look into installing a veranda? Verandas can create additional living space for you and your loved ones to enjoy all year round.

There are extras you can add like lighting and heaters too, which will enhance your outdoor space further, and keep you warm and toasty, regardless of the weather forecast.

Shelter from the Weather

We’re all aware that the UK is unpredictable when it comes to weather. Even during the summer months, there’s a high probability it will rain (and then some!).

Thanks to verandas, you can sit outside and enjoy any kind of weather without the worry of getting wet. This means when it’s pouring it down, you no longer have to sit inside. Instead, you can install a veranda, rather than having to grab an umbrella!


10 Reasons It Makes Sense to Add a Veranda to Your Garden


Increased Property Value

Many homeowners are looking at ways to increase the value of their property. If you have plans to move in the foreseeable, you may not have a wad of cash that you can splurge on home improvement projects.

Should you install a veranda, this will boost your property’s value, without having to spend a fortune. When viewings take place, you can guarantee potential homebuyers will be attracted to this high-quality structure.

Extra Storage

If you have outdoor furniture and products, you’ll need to keep them safe and secure from the elements. As well as the weather, other issues like bird droppings and tree sap can cause damage to your possessions.

However, when you install a veranda, this can act as a handy solution for protecting your outdoor items. Verandas can bring you peace of mind, knowing your outdoor furniture and products will be intact, no matter the forecast.

Work from Home Outdoors

If you’re one of the millions who work from home, you may struggle to keep productive within the same four walls. Instead of going stir crazy, taking your work outdoors and sitting under a veranda can be a great stress reliever.

As long as you have a table and chair to sit on, you can take your laptop outdoors and work in any weather condition, while enjoying the beauty of nature and everything that goes with it.


10 Reasons It Makes Sense to Add a Veranda to Your Garden


Extend Party Time

For those who love to entertain guests and host parties, you may have had to head indoors in the past when the sun went down. If you install a veranda, you and your guests can party well into the night.

As long as you have heating and lighting in place, there’s no need to go inside. What’s more, if it starts chucking it down, you can all huddle under the veranda and keep enjoying proceedings.

Protection from the Sun

Lots of us love to get outside during the summer and top up our tans. If this sounds like you, a veranda can bring more benefits than you thought possible. This is because the structure can protect you from the sun.

When you’re done with sunbathing or need a break, verandas can keep you and your guests cool during the hotter months. The roofing on a veranda has a high UV protective filter, which will be a necessity during the summer.

Enjoy Bird Watching

Millions of people up and down the UK are keen bird watchers. If you’re one of them, you no longer have to stay indoors to watch them if you install a veranda. This is because a veranda will provide protection and shelter, meaning you can enjoy your bird watching during any season.


m Add a Veranda to Your Garden


Encourage Gardening

For the avid gardener, installing a veranda allows you to plant up new seeds or re-pot plants without the worry of getting wet. You can complete all your gardening jobs outside under your veranda, no matter what the weather is doing.

Peace of Mind

As long as you choose a reputable company like Nationwide Home Innovations, you can be confident your veranda will last for many years, which will bring peace of mind. Nationwide Home Innovations have traditional and contemporary verandas you can check out, as well as enhancements that can benefit your garden further. There is an array of benefits to adding a veranda, giving your garden an elegant touch for you to enjoy.

Verandas come in all shapes and sizes and are very versatile. Whatever you decide on, once you install a veranda in your garden, you can reap all the benefits above, and more!

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