10 Reasons to Buy a Retractable Awning You Never Thought Of

Retractable awnings are a powerful way to individualize a space. A retractable awning adds style and elegance that harmonizes with the appearance of a home or office. They also provide functional benefits like expanding living spaces and cutting down on energy bills.

If you have a restaurant, by installing a retractable awning and providing enough seating there, you can gain and satisfy a larger number of customers.

Many customers would like to shelter in the shade under your awnings while enjoying various drinks. In your home, you can create the best environment for you to relax while looking at the beautiful flowers in your garden.

They are available in different colors and can enhance the beauty of your home. This is because you can choose the colors and designs that best suit your home.

Retractable awnings are getting more popular nowadays. In this economy, they are seen as an inexpensive home improvement that changes the energy efficiency of the household.


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Retractable awning

Uses of retractable awnings

Retractable awnings are most commonly used for protection. Over 70% of awnings are purchased specifically to provide shade. This shade is primarily for comfort, to reduce glare from the sun, cool outside ambient temperatures, and make entryways more inviting, but there are other benefits as well.


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10 advantages of retractable canopies 

They are energy-saving

Retractable awnings and vertical drop awnings can lower indoor temperatures by 75% and reduce air conditioning usage by 25%, lowering electric bills significantly.


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Waterproof retractable awnings protect areas from rain, wind, sun glare, and ultraviolet rays. Therefore, a waterproof retractable awning is an excellent option if you live in a place with rainy weather.

In case you have a skin condition and you can’t be exposed too much to the sun, a retractable canopy is the best solution for you. The materials used in the manufacture of the awnings can block the UV rays almost completely.


waterproof retractable awning, retractable canopy, retractable awnings bunnings



Retractable awnings are used in areas like spas, hot tubs, and swimming pools. They can also be in patios and seating areas or attached to windows and doors.



While many fixed awnings use uprights and poles that can block your view, retractable awnings are suspended by spring arms and guides. They provide uninterrupted views because they don’t have external support.


Easy installation

Retractable awnings mount very simply to structures like walls or beams and don’t require extra support.


retractable awning, waterproof retractable awning

Variety of uses

Retractable awnings can be placed in small or special areas, such as windows, where fixed awnings are not suitable.


retractable awning, waterproof retractable awning


Retractable awnings bunnings can be moved according to weather conditions. They adjust to slopes when it’s raining and shut off immediately during storms. To top it off, you can put some of them to track the sun, but this strategy is only applicable outdoors.


waterproof retractable awning, retractable canopy, retractable awnings bunnings

Improve the life of use of some indoor accessories

Your house may have doors or windows that let in the sunrays, which eventually discolor the furniture or carpets of your home. Installing a retractable awning near your doors and windows ensures the color of your accessories does not fade quickly.



Retractable awnings bunnings allow you to choose whether you want to be in the shade or in the sun. Less likely to be damaged, they can retract in windy conditions and have a longer lifespan. Some models are motorized and include a remote control for ease of use. The lack of posts makes them safe for children and pets.


retractable canopy, retractable awnings bunnings

Maintenance and reliability

Retractable awnings Bunnings are less likely to experience maintenance problems. The installation of a retractable awning is simple, which makes it less likely to experience a breakdown. Additionally, the vertical support bars provide additional support.


Where to install them?

If your goal is to reduce energy costs, then retractable awnings should cover the windows or doors that are constantly hit by the sunlight. If you are looking to add comfort to outdoor living areas, consider getting one or various large waterproof retractable awnings for tracking the sun, controlling glare, and protecting from heat and UV rays.

Retractable awnings have a variety of sensors and accessories that activate automatically. Sun, rain, motion, and wind sensors can automatically retract the awning for timely protection.

Retractable awnings can be customized to match any design. Besides that, there are dozens of different styles, such as small window awnings, automated retractable awnings, and sidearm/drop arm retractable patio awnings.

Final thoughts

A retractable awning is not only a practical but also a stylish investment for any home or business. Not only will it add a colorful and eye-catching touch to the building, but it will also help reduce energy costs by protecting the home interiors from solar heat.

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