10 Things to Know Before Moving to Washington, DC

Did you know that Washington, DC has a population of more than 700,000 people? This population is continuing to grow too. Are you considering moving to Washington, DC? There are a few things you should know before making your big move. This guide will give you all the information you need before moving to the nation’s capital. Keep reading to learn more.


1. It’s a Great Place for Bikers

If you’re an exercise enthusiast, you’ll love living in DC. You’ll find joggers and bikers all around the district.

DC has a great street grid system which makes it easy to navigate. You can walk around and explore your new home while walking or biking. If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent one from almost any corner.

Get exercise while spending the day exploring the sites. It’s the best of both worlds when you live in DC.


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2. Find More Than Just Politics

While many think about politics when you mention DC, this town is much more than just political talk. Many people who live and work in DC are in the political field but there are many other great industries in DC and the metro around it.

You can work in the service industry, tech, healthcare, and many other fields when you live in Washington, DC. If you’re considering moving to DC and aren’t interested in politics, you can still find your place in the nation’s capital.

3. It’s a Multicultural Place

If you’re considering a move to DC you’ll be happy to hear that it’s a great place to learn about a multitude of cultures. Its connection to an international airport and train station makes it easy for travelers from around the country and world to come to DC.

There are hundreds of embassies from many different countries located within the city. There is also a wonderful immigrant community who’ve made DC their home.


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4. It Has Great Public Transportation

If you’ve lived in big cities before you’ll know that you have to learn the transportation system before moving somewhere new. Most big cities fail to provide reliable transportation to residents and this can make life difficult for most.

DC’s metro is a great subway system that’ll get you where you need to go in a time-efficient manner. The metro runs throughout DC and through surrounding areas as well.

5. DC Has a Great School System

When you have children, moving to a place that offers quality education is vital. If you’re thinking about moving your family to DC you should know that the area has some great schools.

DC has a wonderful education system whether your children are in elementary school or high school. You don’t need to move to the suburbs to find quality education. Washington, DC is also home to elite universities like Georgetown or Howard University.


10 Things to Know Before Moving to Washington, DC


6. There’s Lots of Greenery to Explore

If you want to know about things to do in DC before moving you should know that it’s a great place if you love spending time outdoors. DC is home to many parks and recreational outdoor spaces.

You can spend your weekends enjoying the beauty of the National Botanic Gardens or walking the trails of Rock Creek Park. You can also visit the animals at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

7. Many People Commute

DC is a city with wonderful neighborhoods and a vibrant community but much of the traffic day in and out consists of commuters. This is something you should know before deciding to move here.

Since Virginia and Maryland are in such proximity, many people commute from cities nearby for work. This increases the traffic to and from DC in the morning and at night.


10 Things to Know Before Moving to Washington, DC


8. There Are Affordable Housing Options

You might be thinking that living in a busy city and the nation’s capital will cost you a lot in rent or mortgage payments. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

While there are expensive neighborhoods, you can find affordable homes in great neighborhoods too. If you want to buy a condo in Washington, DC you need to find the right realtor to help you find the right place. Visit clearcondos.com to start your search.

9. It’s a Historic Place

You probably already know the historical significance of living in the same city as the country’s president but there are many other ways DC is a historic place to live. As a resident, you’ll be surrounded by legislators creating history in real-time.

If you’re interested in visiting some attractions you’ll have plenty to see. People travel hundreds or thousands of miles to visit famous monuments in your own town.

There are tons of beautiful locations to visit, like the Washington Monument or the Lincoln Memorial. DC is also home to some of the most beautiful museums and all of the Smithsonian Museums are free to visit.


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10. Get Ready For Big Crowds

As a tourist location and a political city, you’ll want to prepare for big crowds coming to DC. While you’ll get used to the crowds be prepared to expect more people during major holidays.

DC also brings in activists and protestors from all sides of the political aisle. Even if you aren’t a political person, this could affect your commute throughout the day.

Is Moving to Washington, DC Right for You?

If you’re considering moving to Washington, DC there are a few things you should know ahead of time. It’s a great place for nature lovers and has a diverse community.

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