10 Things to Think About Before You Buy Sandals

The global sandals market is projected to hit $37,440 million by 2026.

It’s easy to see why this market’s worth is so high, more so now that sandal weather is coming. If we’re being honest, nothing compares to the joy of letting your feet breathe. Odds are, you can’t wait to switch your closed-toed shoes for some summer sandals.

But not all sandals will be the best option for you. How do you choose the right ones when faced with thousands of options?

You’ll need to consider several factors before you buy sandals to ensure they’re the right fit for you. Let’s look at some of them!


1. Size

There’s nothing worse than wearing sandals that are too small. Sure, wearing them may not be as painful as wearing closed-toed shoes that are too small. But, they too are uncomfortable to wear as you’ll have to drag your feet when walking.

Don’t just buy your sandals in the size you’re used to, especially if you change brands. Some brands use varying measurements, so your new sandals may be too large or small.

Ideally, you should try on sandals before buying if you’re shopping in a physical store. If you’re buying them online, research the measurements used by the brand you want.

2. Occasion

Women’s sandals can either be flat, high-heeled, or wedge-heeled. All options are great for the summer, but they suit different occasions.

Ladies flat sandals are ideal for running errands and taking strolls on the beach or around your home. High-heeled sandals are great for summer evenings or formal parties. However, wedge sandals are a better choice for daytime parties.


10 Things to Think About Before You Buy Sandals

3. Heel Height

Again, it’d be best to choose the heel height based on your plans for the summer. You don’t want to stand out for the wrong reason or have to take your sandals off mid-event.

Also, consider your comfort when choosing a heel height. Don’t buy high-heeled sandals if you can’t comfortably walk in heels, as this may ruin your day. If you must, also buy a flat pair as you’ll most likely need to change.

4. Indoor Vs. Outdoor Use

Different sandals are best-suited for varying activities. Whether you plan to hike, walk along the beach, or relax at home, there’s a sandal for you.

Hiking sandals have cinch buckles and straps to secure your feet as you hike through different terrains. They also have stiff midsoles and outsoles that mirror typical hiking shoes’ soles. Hiking sandals are ideal for outdoorsy activities like kayaking and rafting too.

But, sandals like KicksCrew Yeezy Slides are better for simple activities like walks. They’re light and have treads suitable for walking in flat areas.

You don’t have to consider as many factors when buying indoor-use sandals. Rather than focus on straps and treads, your primary focus should be comfort. Thong sandals and flip-flops are ideal if you plan on spending most of your summer indoors.

5. Material

Sandals are made of suede, leather, plastic, fabric, and even rope. While these materials are good, they’re not all ideal for different buyers.

Leather sandals are more practical than rope sandals for buyers concerned with longevity. Also, fabric sandals are better than plastic sandals if your feet sweat.

Choosing suitable material for your sandals comes down to your personal preference. You can identify sandals’ materials by reading their descriptions if you’re shopping online. Or else, you can give them a feel if you’re buying them in a brick-and-mortar store.


10 Things to Think About Before You Buy Sandals, 10 Things to Think About Before You Buy Sandals


6. Color

We all have clothes and shoes we rarely wear because they’re too colorful. Sure, buying brightly-colored sandals is tempting because they look good.

But it’d be best if you also considered whether they’d match the outfits in your wardrobe. Otherwise, you’ll only be adding an item to throw at the corner of your closet.

Neutral colors like navy blue, black and brown are a better option than bright colors. But you can always go bright if you can afford to keep a shoe you’ll most likely wear twice.

7. Design

Did you know that you can also buy closed-toe sandals for the summer? They’re a combination of sandals and flat shoes, giving the best of both worlds.

Their closed-toe design allows them to fit into formal environments like corporate offices. And their open sides allow your feet to breathe and enjoy the freedom that comes with summer.

Closed-toed sandals would match well with slim pants and pencil skirts. The sandals are a great addition if these are your preferred kind of clothes.

8. Comfort

Nothing is worse than buying sandals only to realize you can’t walk comfortably in them. So, it’s essential to test them out before buying. If you’re in a physical shop, walk in the sandals for a minute to determine whether they offer enough support.

If you’re shopping online, buy from a shop with a favorable return policy. They should allow you to return or exchange the sandals if you don’t find them comfortable.

9. Seller

Research where to buy sandals, as not all sellers are reliable. Be extra careful when shopping online or when buying designer shoes. The last thing you want is to shell out money for quality sandals only to get knock-offs from China.

Verify a seller’s reputation before buying from them, especially if you’re transacting online. The right seller will have many positive reviews on their website or other review sites.

10. Cost

There are sandals for every budget. Rest assured you’ll find something whether you plan to spend a few bucks or thousands of dollars.

Remember, a product’s cost is often a reflection of its quality, so cheap sandals may not be the best quality. Find a balance between quality and cost by shopping around before settling on a pair.


Buy Sandals With Ease by Knowing What to Check

You’ll need to consider a number of factors before you buy sandals to ensure they’re the right fit. This buying guide has broken down all the things you need to consider, from size to cost. Follow it, and you’ll find suitable sandals for your activities for the summer.

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