10 Web Series to Watch on Netflix in 2021

Netflix is one of the most trending apps nowadays. The only reason for that is the content available on it to watch. There are many web series available on it that we can binge-watch without getting bored. Looking for something cool to binge-watch on Netflix? Visit this guide to find out what type of programs people are watching.

Here are the top 10 list web series to watch on Netflix in 2021.




1. Queen of the south

Queen of the South is one of the most awaited web series to watch on Netflix. It is an offensive comedy show. Four seasons of it are already streaming on Netflix. Season 5 is the most awaited as it is to be released this month only.

This show is based in the USA. Now, it will be broadcasted on Netflix as well for the whole global to watch and enjoy. I would recommend you to watch this one without a miss. I am sure you will definitely enjoy every bit of it.

2. Dead to Me

Dead to me is one of the tragicomedy shows. The most enjoyable is their one-liners with a sense of humor that makes you laugh your lungs out. You must enjoy the twist and turns of Judy and Pals Jen.

These two have suffered through a lot in their life, faced many losses. Still, they manage to make us laugh with their humor and dark thrills. You will enjoy watching it without any disruption.

3. Big Mouth

Big Mouth is another pick from the list of comedy shows. However, it is an animated one. In this show, the early teenagers are being accompanied by the puberty hormones monster. You may suspect the story as awkward and crazy, but trust me, it is hilarious, worth watching.

4. Orange Is the New Black

Orange is the new black is also a comedy show. You can binge-watch on Netflix without any regret. It is based on the real-life story and experiences of a person named Piper Kerman. It got prisoned for transporting drugs money to Alex. That time she spent there was a turning point in her life and changed her thinking pattern.

There are seven seasons in it, and everybody is expecting the eighth one, but there is no such information about it.

5. Tuca & Bertie

Tuca & Bertie are two birds in the web series available on Netflix. It is a story based on two birds who got anxious easily and are care-free and self-assured birds. As it only has a single part, you must be wondering how it can fall under this category. The story itself says it all, and we, the viewers, are expecting next season for it.

6. Grace & Frankie

Grace & Frankie are the two most beautiful. These beauties turned into rivalries as soon as both of their husbands announced about divorce. Both of these became frenemies, which means friends turned into enemies. They stopped sharing the secrets with each other. However, over time they stopped talking to each other as well. They represent the life situations we can tackle with love, care, and a little twist of comedy.

7. Lady Dynamite

It is based on comedy-cum-tragedy. The girl Marie in the show is struggling with the mental health issue, but the positive side is that she is a comedian. She went to New York to pursue her career in comedy. She performed so well that no one can judge that she is struggling with any mental illness. However, her writers pick any real-life incident from her life and turn it into comedy to boost her confidence level. You will definitely enjoy binge-watching it.

8. Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman’s show is based on a person suffering from depression, and he has to face the struggle for a mix of sex, drugs, and many other emotions. He actually underwent the feeling of self-pity. However, he always tries to keep calm and juggle through it and see the positive side of his life. He has a best friend who always stood by every thick and thin. It is kind of a humorous series as well.

9. Disenchantment

This show is based on an animated Simpson’s unique and fantastic story. Futurama created it, a Comedian Abbi Jacobson has voiced it. The story is based on a princess named Bean. The tragedy of her life is that she doesn’t look like a female. However, her new friends, an elf and a demon changed her life to most enjoyable, exciting, and adventurous. The creators have just released new series. Please do watch and enjoy the comedy bomb.

10. Arrested Development

The most sophisticated family in the town found that their father, Jason Bateman has built all the properties by lying to people as he got arrested. His son Michael Bluth is one of the anxious family members and entertains the audience with his colorful and sparkly dialogues. We can count it as one of the best comedy shows based on the content they produce. We can binge-watch it for hours without any regret. I am sure that you will enjoy it too.


I have made a list of 10 web series to watch on Netflix in 2021. I am sure that you will enjoy binge-watching all of these. Moreover, I love to hear from you regarding your views, which one of these series you like the most and the least.



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