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11 Balcony Ideas for the Staycation of a Lifetime

If you live in a city, you likely already know how nice it is to have your own private porch. A balcony gives you a private place to enjoy the sun and the fresh air without having to leave the comfort of your home.

So why not make it even cozier? 

Whether your unit has a small balcony or a massive terrace, here are 11 bits of decor inspiration to make the most out of your outdoor space.


Add a Hanging Chair or Hammock

Picture yourself on a Sunday afternoon with a book and cup of tea relaxing outdoors from the comfort of your balcony. 

Now imagine yourself enjoying all that in a hammock or hanging chair! 

They’re undeniably comfortable and can fit in almost any space with little installation hassle. And not only are hammocks easy to install, but they can also go with you anywhere. Simply install hooks and use a camping hammock for a multi-purpose lounge! 


11 Balcony Ideas for the Staycation of a Lifetime

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Grow Some Plants

Being out in nature can be the best and most relaxing experience. Now, think about being out on your balcony in the center of the city. 

How can you expect to relax without any plants around? 

Bring that natural comfort out onto your balcony. Greenery makes any space feel more relaxed and homey, and you can add flowers for a colorful touch. Or fresh herbs to save some extra cash when you cook! 


11 Balcony Ideas for the Staycation of a Lifetime

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Add a Small Cocktail Table

No two balconies are the same. 

Some are too small to fit guests around a table, but that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce a small cocktail table! 

Give yourself a place to set your book down, your drinks, or a candle or two. A small table can serve as a center point for your guests to gather around or a corner piece for a lamp. 


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Install Built-In Seating

Outdoor furniture isn’t always the best option in places where the weather can easily carry it away. But if you’re worried about wind gusts and torrential downpours, you can always install built-in seating! 

Adding a simple bench to a wall is an easy DIY project, provides extra seating for your guests, and can even add some extra storage underneath!


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Bring Some Coziness With an Outdoor Rug

Patterned rugs add interest and flair, but any rug will bring a warm and cozy touch. So on those chilly evenings, you have something to keep your toes warm!

While rugs are cozy, they also need to be outdoor-ready. Make sure you get a rug made with material that dries out well. You never know when it might rain, and a soggy rug can collect mildew pretty quickly. 


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Illuminate the Space

When decorating any space, having good and effective lighting is crucial. 

Whether you have candles placed strategically or a couple of hanging lamps, make sure there’s enough light for you to see in the dark. 

A dark balcony might be a nice quiet escape on nights when you want to get away from the noise. Yet, when you’re hosting parties, that darkness will look like a closed-off area. Having lights outside will welcome people into the extra space of your balcony. 


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Decorate the Wall Space

As we mentioned before, not all balconies are big enough to host more than a few people at a time. Some are so big that they don’t even have walls, but most balconies are only big enough to fit no more than a few people at a time. 

Make sure you utilize the wall space by hanging lights, plants, and other decorative touches to save floor space for your guests. 


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Add Some Artificial Shade

Are you planning to host a barbecue? 

The spring and summer months can get remarkably hot and deter you from using your balcony at all. There’s no need to get a sunburn while preparing food for your guests. 

Getting sunlight is healthy, but why burden yourself with excessive rays? 

Installing a retractable overhead shade or an umbrella will help you beat the summer heat and keep your outdoor space open for business all year long. 


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Arrange Outdoor Furniture

Let’s be honest.

There’s not much of a reason to purchase fancy outdoor furniture if you’re renting an apartment with a balcony. Spending a lot of money on furniture that you might not use beyond the length of your lease doesn’t make much sense. 

But if you get some cheap folding furniture, you can take it with you when you move without breaking the bank!


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Put Up a Privacy Wall

Some apartment buildings offer very little in the way of privacy on your balcony. In fact, there might not be anything separating you from your neighbors. 

Even if you live at the top of a building, privacy may be lax.

If that’s the case, add some tall plants or a bamboo wall to give you the privacy your space needs to feel like home. It’s your space, after all! 


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Keep Outdoor Pillows Handy

Remember that built-in seating with the extra storage? 

Make sure you keep some outdoor pillows handy in there for guest chairs and your hammock. That way, you and your guests will feel as comfy as possible while enjoying the fresh air. 

Keep in mind that your outdoor pillows should be water-resistant and easy to clean. But don’t compromise on colors and patterns — because style also matters when it comes to your private outdoor hangout. 


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Whether you have a two-seater balcony or a restaurant-sized terrace, these 11 decor tips will transform your plain outdoor space into a restful oasis!



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