11 Plumbing Upgrades To Increase Home Value

The plumbing of your home is vital for your day-to-day tasks such as in showers, toilets, washing machines, and sink areas. Upgrading your plumbing can therefore play a significant role in increasing the value of your home.   

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  • Maintaining The Drain   

A clogged or a slow drain is a turn-off to any home. Calling a professional plumber to address this issue can help increase the value of a home to prospected buyers. Installation of hair blockers and strainers can also help prevent the drain from clogging.   

A functional drainage system can help increase the value of your property since your potential buyers are guaranteed to avoid drainage issues in the future.   


Drain Cleaning Plumbing Upgrades To Increase Home Value


  • Efficient Water Heaters   

Water heaters are essential plumbing fixtures in any home. Most homeowners ensure that all the water heaters are maintained well and in their best working conditions.   

Depending on what you require for your home, you have several options to choose from. If having extra space is what you need, going for a tankless heater would be the best option as they relieve you of the need for water storage and are efficient in energy management.   

  • Replacing Old Pipes   

Pipes made of clay, galvanized steel, lead, or cast iron are prone to corrosion or breakage. It can contribute to the decreased quality of your drinking water and sewer systems. The water could have a bad taste, and if the piping is done poorly, it could lead to health risks to the consumers. A build-up in the pipes can also lead to corrosion.   

Replacing aged pipes made of old materials with copper for water supply and PVC pipes for waste outlets can significantly increase your property’s value since they are corrosion resistant.   

Upgrading your pipes can reassure buyers that the property they plan on purchasing won’t have poor plumbing issues such as pipe breakage. Ensuring all the water pipes are in good condition will go a long way in increasing the value of your property.  


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  • Insulating Pipes   

Pipe insulation is a commonly overlooked aspect by builders and buyers of homes because heaters and pipes are usually located in basements where it’s typically cooler than most areas within the house.   

With poor insulation of pipes, you may get unreasonably high energy bills due to the high energy loss. As many can see it as a minor upgrade, insulating your pipes can help you save on both energy and maintenance costs.   

Pipe insulation can be done with sleeves or pipe wraps that fit overexposed ones with ease, adding a layer of warmth and protection.   

  • Installation Of Pull-Out Faucets   

Pull-out faucets allow for one-hand operation, hence are versatile, giving the sinks in your kitchen and bathroom an aesthetic appeal.   

To get the most at a relatively lower cost, you can pair these pull-out faucets with a double sink to increase functionality. It keeps one side of the sink clear as you use the other side to soak garments and wash utensils.   

Installing a pull-out faucet adds valuable utility within your home, setting it apart from others.   


11 Plumbing Upgrades To Increase Home Value


  • Adding A Laundry Room   

Creating a laundry room, which is a room only dedicated to your laundry, can help increase the value of your home. Making use of the little unused space in your home while reducing clutter and allowing for all laundry tasks, which include ironing – being restricted to a specific room in your home, can attract potential buyers.   

  • Rainwater Tank   

The backyard of your home can account for close to half of your water usage. Adding a tank that collects rainwater can help you cut your water bills.   

By connecting the rainwater tank to your washing machine, you can help save your home from the expensive water bill.   

Water tanks come in different shapes and sizes, so selecting the one you need, depending on your budget, can enable you to increase the value of your home.   

  • Adding An Extra Bathroom   

Adding an extra bathroom is a plumbing upgrade that can increase your home value. You have the opportunity to add luxury features such as heated flooring, a jetted tub, or a steam shower. You can also decide on making a spa-like bathroom, which adds a fancy look to your home.   

To rooms with limited space, a half-bath with a toilet and sink can be an effective way to attract potential buyers of your home. 


11 Plumbing Upgrades To Increase Home Value


  • Installing A Dishwasher   

Installing a dishwasher in your home would attract both a buyer who is used to having one and a buyer who desires one. Someone who’s used to using a dishwasher does not prefer washing dishes by hand in their new residence. This move, too, can speed up the task.  

Therefore, this can be a wise plumbing upgrade to enhance the features of your house.  

  • Outdoor Taps   

Installation of outdoor taps gives you easy access to water for your backyard needs. It’s convenient enough to get water from an outdoor tap rather than using long hoses to get water inside the house.   

This convenience to water access for your backyard increases the value of the property you’re selling. 

  • Eco-friendly Upgrades   

In recent times, homeowners need to reduce their carbon footprints to save money on their utilities. Eco-friendly upgrades such as installing dual-flush toilets, low-flow faucets, and showerheads can help save on water consumption.   

Such upgrades can increase the value of a home, making it more appealing to potential buyers.  


11 Plumbing Upgrades To Increase Home Value


The Take-Away   

The plumbing of a home highly determines its value. Having a proper drainage system with appropriate plumbing upgrades can help upgrade the value of a home. The outlined plumbing upgrades can guide you through improving the value of your home.

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