11 Ways to Add More Personality to Your Home

When you buy a house or move into a new apartment, you first need to fix the obvious things. As you settle in, you may notice that the space lacks a personal touch. You want your home to feel, well, homey. And there is no need to spend absurd amounts of money to achieve that. These simple tricks will do it. So here are 10+ ways to add more personality to your home.


1. Hallway/Entrance

The first area in your house you or your guests see is the hallway. It should feel like an introduction. The hallway should show off your personality and style. And there are a few ways you can make it work for you.


unnamed 4 Add More Personality to Your Home


  • Lighting

Lights can be dim if you are a person who prefers the dark. But if you are like a ray of sunshine where you go, install a few lamps that are strategically placed, depending on the size of your hallway.

  • Photos

Family photos are a perfect example of who you are. Take a few pictures of memorable moments with your family and place them around the house. Square Photo Prints can make any hallway shine. You can even place smaller photos in larger frames with white background to put a spin on the design.

  • Rug

A statement rug with heavy texture will turn any entrance area from dull to full of life in a heartbeat. Just find a texture or pattern that is compatible with the rest of the stuff in the hallway.


Living Room

Your guests and you will probably spend a lot of time in the living room, so make it as cozy as possible.


How To Make Your Home More Liveable: A Discussion, 11 Ways to Add More Personality to Your Home

  • Lighting

Similar to the hallway, proper lighting can turn the room around. When it comes to choosing the best lampshade for your living room, you want to look for styles, materials, and sizes that will fit with the rest of the room.

A statement pendant light could work, but it is better for the dining room or the kitchen. It seldom looks the way you want it to in a living room area. Since you have to make space for a sitting area, as well as some kind of storage, usually shelves, it may look crowded in the end.

  • Fluffy Decorative Pillows

There is nothing so inviting to enjoy some downtime as decorative pillows. Fluffy soft textures will turn any uncomfortable couch into a relaxing oasis in a second. The same goes for your bedroom. Best of all, you will want to spend time in your living room.

  • Coffee Table

A small statement coffee table can make all the difference and add more personality to your home. It is best to choose a wood pattern and color that is compatible but visibly different from the rest of your furniture.

  • Plants

Well, this actually works for any room in your home. There is just something to adding plants that instantly makes a room look lively. Maybe it is because plants are living things or maybe it is just about the color green.

  • Top to Bottom Shelves

If you don’t have a study, one of the best tips to organize your home is to buy a large bookshelf. A top to bottom one will make all the difference. It will add personality to the space and you will have more storage room (especially if you are an avid reader).



The kitchen is associated with quality meals prepared at home, as well as family time. There is nothing like cooking with children and/or your significant other to bond. So, decorate your kitchen to be inviting for such activities.


11 Ways to Add More Personality to Your Home


  • Pendant Lights

A statement pendant light works wonders in kitchens if you don’t have a separate dining area. If you do, however, pendant lights are a great addition to your dining table. They also make for an inviting and appetizing atmosphere.

  • Cabinet Faces

Add texture to your cabinet faces with some plywood. Cut out a shape, it can be a simple rectangle, and glue it to the cabinet faces. Then paint it all in the same or different color. It is such an easy and cheap way to add more personality to your kitchen and your home.

  • New Handles

If you already have a kitchen that you like, or it is new, a simple way to upscale it is to change the cabinet handles. Just take measurements and find the handles that you like. It is also important that they go well with the cabinet faces, so make sure the colors are compatible as well.


Your house or apartment should look and feel comfortable. The trick is to simply add more personality to your home. The last thing you want to see when you get home is sterile white walls and a plain-looking couch. It is a place of joy, rest, and relaxation, and you should make it look that way.


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