12 Best Online Interior Design Courses for Beginners

Interior design is becoming a popular course in colleges as students explore other career paths outside conventional disciplines. Today, you can find students who decide to pursue a degree as interior designers to supplement their major.

However, adding this additional workload can be a challenge to most students. And as a result, they’ll require assistance from EssayService, an essay writing service for students, to keep up with schoolwork.

That said, we’ve gathered the best online interior design courses for beginners. Read on to find out the best options for you.


12 Best Online Interior Design Courses for Beginners


The Interior Design Institute

This program is an intensive online course in interior design that features 12 modules with attached assignments. The self-paced course gives students access to 24 weeks of quality content. If you dedicate a few hours a week to the class while handing over other pressing schoolwork and pending assignments to a reliable paper writing service, you can complete the program in 6 months. To find a reliable writing service, start by checking out the PaperWriter review on essay-reviews.com.

Since the International Accreditation and Recognition Council backs the course, you are sure to find lucrative employment with the diploma upon successful completion.

Interior Design Courses on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Learning offers a swathe of interior design programs that you can enroll in. You can find courses tailored to different aspects of design, including rendering, 3D visualization, lighting, and material design.

Courses on LinkedIn vary in complexity, providing enough content for beginners and experts alike. You can also follow your own schedules and submit assignments at your convenience. 


12 Best Online Interior Design Courses for Beginners


New York School of Interior Design (NYSID)

At NYSID, students get access to many real-life projects that rely on regular design software. Whether you are looking to earn a degree or simply broaden your creative horizons, this program has enough content for every student.

Although NYSID is a non-profit, the school still has a valid accreditation in interior design, textiles, 3D and 2D projections, and safety protocols.

New York Institute of Art and Design (NYIAD)

This institute is a world-renowned haven for design and creative experts. You can attend courses from any part of the world to obtain your interior design degree. 

NYIAD has the full backing of the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and the New York State Education Department. This level of accreditation means that the certificate you obtain after this course will help you quickly land jobs in the industry.


12 Best Online Interior Design Courses for Beginners


British College of Interior Design (BCID)

Backed by the International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC), this online design course is popular for beginners looking for a solid start in the field. This certificate program offers enough practical work to keep students occupied as well as confer them with practical skills to build careers in design.

The professional interior design course focuses on design theories, customer communication, as well as environmental and human factors affecting design principles.

Interior Design Basics: Simple Steps to Your Perfect Space (Skillshare)

This course is a beginner-friendly program that starts with design fundamentals and makes its way to real-world information applicable to the industry. Apart from covering the basics, this Skillshare-powered course discusses four core principles of interior design.

The course has over 11 lessons that students can follow at their own pace. At the moment, over 8000 students are taking the course. 


12 Best Online Interior Design Courses for Beginners


Corey Damen Jenkins Teaches Interior Design (MasterClass)

The current AD100 designer, Corey Damen Jenkins, has a masterclass course in interior design, where he shares his experience working with high-end clients. If you are into vivid colors and risque design, this masterclass will give you the stimulus you need to succeed.

Subscribe to MasterClass to get access to this excellent course and others similar to it. You can audit the course for 30 days before subscribing.

Interior Design at Century College

This program is a detailed course that spans 15 courses taken over two years. Students can pay for the course with credits. By enrolling in this interior design course, you’ll learn lighting fundamentals, furniture studies, and sustainable design practices. 

Interior Design for Beginners (Domestika)

STUDIOLAV’s power duo, Loukas Angelou & Vasso Asfi, launched this course to show beginners the best way to embrace and incorporate modern design philosophies in their work. This couple combines their love for product design and interior design to create a learning program that both beginners and experts can enjoy.


12 Best Online Interior Design Courses for Beginners


How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro (Udemy)

Udemy is home to several exciting design courses, but only a few of them compare to this 6-hour intensive masterclass. The course studies mid-century modern, Art Deco, and industrial styles. You can also download over 22 resources for continued learning to earn the certificate.

Interior Design Essentials: Creating A Color Palette (Skillshare)

The essentials are always a great place to start, and Sarah Jane is the perfect guide for this journey. This 8-module interior design course focuses on the basics, including subjects like color theory and psychology. 

Interior Photography: How to Best Capture a Space (Skillshare)

Sharing your work is an integral part of interior design, and the best way to capture it is through photography. This course teaches you how to present decorated spaces to clients. Enroll in this course and learn from a professional interior photographer.


Becoming an interior designer often requires combining your regular studies with additional online courses. By choosing the right interior design course, you can learn professional skills to make you successful in the industry.

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