14 Spring Decor Must-Haves For Your New Home

The onset of spring brings new hope and happiness to the air. Warmer weather, new leaves – it is the time to embrace happiness! And what better way to do so than to include some stunning spring decor must-haves like bedroom sets for your new home!

Thus, in this article, we have got for you a home decor store recommended list of 14 spring must-haves to make your home brighter and more beautiful. So let’s get started!


Spring Decor Must-Haves


1. Rustic Spring Pillows

Springs are the perfect time to bring out your rustic pillows. These timeless classics add a touch of brightness to your chairs and choices. They also go perfectly with contemporary, neutral-themed spaces.

2. Rustic Jar Vases

Another rustic decor we love is a jar vase. You can keep them on your shelf or your tables. They will look perfect with some fresh spring flowers or a couple of little plants!

3. Macrame Floating Shelf

Macrame floating shelves are the perfect place to keep your jar vases. Get a couple of pretty violets and adorn them on your elegant shelf.

4. Woven Basket Set

Woven baskets are another great spring addition. They are great for storage and decoration. You can keep your umbrellas or laundry clothes. You can even make them the perfect place to keep some plant or flower pots.

5. Bright Kitchen Towels

Lemon yellows are perfect for beckoning spring into your home – they are just so bright and colourful. You can introduce bright yellow kitchen towels to elevate the room. They are useful and make for playful decor!

6. Matching Pot Holders and Aprons

If you love to cook, get yourself a pair of matching spring-themed pot holders and aprons. They are perfect for introducing the spring theme into your home and making you happier about the warm days.

 7. Artificial Wreath

A wreath is a perfect addition to your home to welcome spring. We adore artificial flower wreaths, especially eucalyptus ones. They can be put up on your door or your kitchen windows – anywhere to add a lush, warm look!

8. Spring-themed Throw Blanket

Now that spring is here; it’s helpful time for your wools and flannels to get back in the closet. Get a beautiful spring-themed throw blanket to replace them. It will look perfect in your living room or bedroom.

9. Classic Quilted Storage Cubes

Storage cubes are a blessing for homeowners. Especially the quilted ones that can be folded when not in use. You can see your content through the clean sheen of the cube fabric and keep them folded away when done.=

10. Solar Bird Feeder

Consider getting a mosaic-designed bird feeder if you have birds in your home. These are stunning works of art and will complement your home’s spring theme and are easily available at a home decor store in your vicinity.

11. Under-sink Organizer

Your under-sink storage needs to be well organized too. It can save time while looking for products like surface and window cleaners. You can get under-sink organizers in stores that allow you to keep your stuff separately and neatly!

12. Produce Basket

Do you like to keep all your produce somewhere you can see them? Then a handy produce basket is a right choice for you. You will be able to keep track of all the fruits and vegetables you have and stock up whenever you need them!

13. Hanging Drawers and Organizers

Hanging drawers and organizers are the perfect place to store all your stuff. These save a lot of space and ensure that you do not have your stuff lying around the room.

14. Clip-Holder For Pantry

Last but not least, get hold of a clip-holder for your pantry. These will ensure that all your brooms and mops are kept in one place. It will save you a lot of space and won’t leave your brooms clustered in one corner.



And that’s all you need to get to make your room brighter and happier. So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest stores and get furniture for home! All the best.

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