20 Tips for Pet-Friendly Home Interior

When it comes to welcoming a new pet into your house, you’ll want to do everything. You will ensure that this new addition to your family gets comfortable.  

It’s not always easy for our furry companions to appreciate our houses as we do. It can be seen by noticing the scuffed flooring and couches.  

Then there are the muddy paw prints and the unending furry hair. Everywhere you move, you will see one.  

We’ve put up a list of pet-friendly home interior ideas. These tips may help you make more productive decisions in the long run. And you won’t even have to sacrifice your home’s aesthetic appeal. 


1. Invest in Durable Floor Coverings 

Unlike standard carpeting, hardwood floors are a superior choice for pet owners. Especially those who have dogs. Polished concrete, laminate flooring, stone, or ceramic tiles are other possibilities as well.  

To avoid doing carpet cleaning, you may just use one of these alternatives. Your dogs may relax and cool down on them in the summer when it is hot. 


20 Tips for Pet-Friendly Home Interior


2. Begin Preparing for the Mess 

Is it worth it to take on the responsibility of potty training a dog? For the first several months, put your rugs away and store them in a storage unit.

Place a blanket on the couch and any other chairs to keep them warm. To keep hair at bay, it’s best to choose textiles resistant to animal paws and claws.

3. Buy Furniture

You need to provide for your pets as much as you do for your own family. Every pet owner wants to give their pet the best. This usually means buying high-quality food and supplies to keep your pet happy and healthy.

When you are going to buy furniture, avoid getting visible wood furnishings. Because a curious puppy may mistake it for a chew toy. They tend to chew everything around them. 

That’s why it’s wise to exclude wicker, rattan, and sisal furniture. Instead, you can include metal and chrome furniture on the list of your ‘dog room ideas.’ Cutest Pet Supplies offer a wide collection of pet products perfect for your household. 


20 Tips for Pet-Friendly Home Interior


4. Think About the Colors 

Cleaning and durability are important considerations when creating a pet space. But you should also consider the color of their fur while designing for them.  

Sofas, beds, drapes, and carpets tend to be the primary target of your furry friend. You will find furs everywhere. 

A Golden Retriever’s beautiful blonde fur will stand out against any fabric. So, keep that in mind while choosing the right colored fabric. 

5. Make Your Rugs Less Prone to Slipping 

Rugs can transform the appearance and feel of a room. It also works as a shield over your floor. It will save the flooring from damage such as scratches and scuffs.  

Additionally, rugs may provide your pet with a cozy place to rest. The indoor dog house needs a rug. Then it will become simpler to clean than traditional carpets.  

If your dogs have the zoomies, use a slip-proof underlay to keep your carpets in place. If you have children, this is a good idea to avoid any unintentional falls. 

6. Upholstery With a Modern Look 

When you add a pet to the family, you’ll need to make better furniture decisions. It is necessary as certain fabrics and materials are more vulnerable to damage.  

You may want to think about covering their fur with materials and furniture. This way, it will be simple to clean the place and save you time and effort. Patterned fabrics and leather are two easy-to-clean pet essentials. They will help hide pet hair. 


20 Tips for Pet-Friendly Home Interior


7. Zones for Them to Play 

To ensure that your pet can spend some time alone, create a “play place” in your home. Store their toys neatly and out of sight, yet within easy reach. 

8. Mud Room  

Make sure your dog is clean and dry before they enter the house. For that, install an entryway door. A mudroom as an entry could be used for storing things as well. 

For example- pet wipes, dog treats, and other necessities. All these will be found in the pet supplies outlet.  

9. Furry Walls 

You may have to spend a lot of time cleaning your walls as a pet owner. There will be fur everywhere when you don’t pay attention to their texture. Using satin or semi-gloss paint will ensure that your walls are clean and shining. 

10. Please Take a Look at Their Character Traits 

Consider your dog’s unique qualities while making adjustments. There are dogs that are too friendly with people and other dogs. And there are some who don’t become anxious if they are left alone for a reasonable period. 

There are puppies and certain breeds of dogs that are known for chewing on everything. So, leaving them in a home with open electrical lines and trash cans would be irresponsible. 

Child locks could be a good option in this case. No dogs won’t be able to climb up the fridge and open the door this way.


20 Tips for Pet-Friendly Home Interior


11. Make Sure Your Dog Has a Dedicated Sleeping Spot 

A dedicated sleeping spot or crate is vital for a dog. If your pet will outgrow the basket fast, go with a smaller one. It will help them relax by simulating the sensation of being in the womb. 

Decorate your dog’s room by adding a beautiful yet comfy crate.


20 Tips for Pet-Friendly Home Interior


12. Dog-Proof Fabrics Should Be Used 

A dog housing can’t have certain textiles. Velvet and chenille are magnets for dog dander. So, they should be avoided. Muddy paws have no mercy on even the finest pieces of cotton. 

New dog-friendly performance textiles are now available from furniture makers. It will be a stain, odor, and germ-resistant product.  

A fantastic choice is to go with leather that has been weathered. A moderate washing solution and a brief vacuum will remove dog hair from the surface. 

13. Keep Your Chew Toys Clean 

All of these things are likely favorites of your puppy. Your dog will need clean toys or else it will affect their health. 

These toys not only leave stains on carpets and furniture. They are harmful in other ways as they cause serious intestinal issues. 

Toys made of rubber in colorful forms are safe for your dog to chew on. You may also choose woven tug-of-war ropes. Even for the most aggressive chewers, you can find dozens of safe and hygienic toys. 

Make sure to find the best pet products from a credible pet store. Do not rush your research before choosing the best options for your furry love.



14. Provide a Stress-Free Eating Experience 

When you have a cat, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The high edges of your cat’s bowl irritate their sensitive whiskers. Intense sensitivity is a hallmark of the whiskers. That’s why your cats will be comfortable with a large and low-sided bowl. 

15. Vertical Space for Your Cat  

If you want a cat-friendly house, you need to ensure that your cat has enough vertical space. For them, gaining more height is a major advantage.  

Cats who live in a vertical place will find it simpler to get along. They will like the spaciousness. Creating vertical space for your cats could be done in various ways. Cat room ideas tell us about the use of cat trees, shelves, and cat superhighways. 

16. Provide a View From Your Room 

Window-gazing is a favorite pastime for cats. Set up a perch in a window or a shelf where your cat can watch things.  

You might not know what your cat is thinking. Yet, still, the perch will be its favorite place to sit. Nonetheless, remember that the presence of neighboring cats outside might frighten indoor pets. 




17. Place Scratching Posts in Areas   

For the best results, look for scratching posts that can be utilized in several ways. You can use them horizontally or vertically and inclined.  

Remember that scratching isn’t the only way cats can establish their territory. They will flex their glutes and remove their nails’ outer sheath while doing so. These effective pet essentials could be found in any pet shop. 

18. Special Bathroom

You may want to think about updating your cat’s litter box. Replace it with the one that combats odor problems. 

The proper drying of the litter box is possible by enhancing natural air circulation. However, it inhibits the development of germs and fungus. 

19. A Cat Tree

With a cat tree, you can provide your cat with a place to perch, scratch, play. Or it will just watch you from the comfort of a high perch. 

The good thing is that you don’t need to do any kind of huge building job. These trees are available in the pet supplies outlet as well. 

PetPals 23 Cat Tree

20. A Tiny Bedroom for a Cat 

A kitty size bedroom can have the cutest essentials. For example- small drawers, smaller nightlights, small plants, and a cat-sized bed, etc.  


Final Words

In so many ways, our pets enrich our lives. Several studies have shown that having pets is beneficial for our health. It includes cats, dogs, and even fish.  

Taking care of a pet is always a special experience, no matter what kind of animal it is. That’s all our informative post has to say. It will be easy for you to create a pet-friendly home now. 

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