20Q: What to Ask a Fencing Company Before Hiring Them

Are you tired of people sneaking into your property? It could also be that you have noticed wild animals scurrying into the yard. It would be best if you considered getting a fence around your home for extra protection. However, it takes a competent fencing contractor to meet your quality expectations. The fence construction industry is snowballing, with its revenue expected to hit $16.6 trillion before 2025. With this growth comes an increase in contractors coming up, claiming to offer quality services. How do you establish the right fencing company to entrust your fence construction project? Here are the top 20 questions to ask a fencing contractor.


1. How Long Have They Been in the Industry?

Experience is critical when determining the reliability of a fencing contractor. If they have been in the industry for many years, there are high chances they will meet your needs.

The providers should also back up their claims to show that they have been in the industry for that long.

2. Where Is Their Office Located?

Confirm if the contractors have an actual office and if they do, check where it is located. Having a brick and motor office increases the company’s trustworthiness. The size of the office shows how serious the company is. Moreover, it will be easier for you to present your issues.

3. Do They Offer Follow-Up Services?

The best fence contractor should offer follow-up services until you are satisfied. With this, they will be better-positioned to correct any arising issue before it gets out of hand.

4. How Do I Know the Suitable Fence for My Property?

The right contractor should help you select the best fence type to suit your needs. Asking this question will help you decide if the company is competent based on how proactive they are.

5. Are They Certified to Offer These Services?

Are the providers approved to offer fencing services? If they are, it means that they meet all the requirements by the authority. You can therefore trust them with your property.

6. Are They Insured?

The unexpected may happen during the fence construction. An accident may occur, resulting in property damages or injuries. Having insurance coverage will save you from incurring extra costs to cater to the damages.

7. Does the Fencing Company Have Any Pending Lawsuit?

This one is among the most important questions to ask a fencing company. It will help you establish the trustworthiness of the company. Verify if they have any pending lawsuits. If they do, what was the offense?

Note that the claim may force the providers to stop the project prematurely, causing inconveniences.

8. Do the Providers Pull Permit?

Most cities require you to acquire a permit before embarking on a home renovation project. The ideal contractors should help you through the complex process. So, be sure to confirm if they are in a position to pull a permit.

9. How Long Will the Installation Take?

The company should give a time estimate to help you plan ahead. Check their records to see if they are time conscious based on the number of times they have finished projects on time.

10. Do They Offer a Warranty?

Like any other products or services, it would help if you select a company that offers a guarantee. This will save you money if you are not satisfied with the fencing or if an issue occurs later.

11. Do They Stay Within the Estimated Amount?

After offering you a quotation for the project, confirm if the company has a record of staying within the suggested budget. You do not want last-minute surprises where you are forced to add funds, yet you had not planned for it.

12. What Is Their Customers’ Satisfaction Rate?

When planning what to ask a fencing company, do not forget to ask for a portfolio. This gives you an overview of the number of projects they have handled before and the success rate.

If they have more satisfied customers, there is a high chance that they will exceed your expectations.

13. Will the Fencing Contractors Contact Your Utility Company?

The right fencing company should be willing to work with your utility company.

This allows them to mark any invisible installations such as water, power lines, and gas when erecting the fence. A company that goes out of its way to contact the utility company values and cares for you.

14. Does the Company Have Credentials?

Credibility plays a critical role when hiring any contractor, and this case is not an exception. The project comes with lots of ups and downs, but a credible company will go out of its way to overcome them all.

Besides certification and insurance, make sure they abide by the city permit and laws to avoid putting you in trouble.

15. What Channels Do They Use to Communicate?

Among the crucial traits of a good fencing company is good communication skills. Make sure the company has put up efficient communication channels so that you can easily reach them when need be.

16. What Is the Cost of Services?

Check if the company’s pricing is competitive. It would help if you compared prices from different companies before settling on the most affordable. Keep in mind that low prices might be an indicator of inferior services. High price, on the other hand, does not guarantee you quality services.

17. Will the Company Use Subcontractors?

Some companies hire other subcontractors to complete the lesser complex fencing tasks.

While the idea is much cheaper, using subcontractors gives you less control over the quality and safety of the fence.

18. Is the Fencing Company a Member of the American Fence Association?

It is highly recommendable that you hire a company that is registered under AFA. Such companies are thoroughly verified, and you can fully trust and rely on their commitment.

19. How Deep Will the Fence Posts Be?

The ideal depth of the posts depends on the height of your fence. Tall fences call for deeper posts than short fences. Also, consider if the providers will add concrete to improve the durability of the fence.

20. Do They Ask for Deposit?

Consider the payment policy of the company. Check if they ask for a deposit before the services, or you are required to pay the complete fee after completing the project.

Select the Best Fence Company by Asking the Right Questions

The above fencing company FAQs will help you select the fittest fence company for quality services. Pay attention to their trustworthiness, reliability, and professionalism.

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