3 Cheap Renovations that Will Automatically Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Every homeowner deserves to have a home they’re proud of, even if they have a modest home and budget. If you want to elevate your home’s design for a sale or your enjoyment, know that you don’t have to go all out. There are tricks that you can use to make your house look luxurious and instantly increase its value, and some of them might surprise you with how simple they are. Let’s take a look at a few affordable renovations that will make your home look more expensive.


Add a Tree

Adding a tree to your property is one of the simplest ways to instantly increase its perceived value. It’s also relatively affordable depending on which tree you get. It’s estimated that a tree could add a whopping $19,000 to your home’s value on average and this is a project that could be completed in one day. This makes it a great renovation project if you want to quickly increase your home’s value for a sale.


3 Cheap Renovations that Will Automatically Make Your Home Look More Expensive


Luxury Vinyl Tiles

When people think of vinyl tiles, they usually think of old kitchens from the ’80s, but vinyl as a material has greatly evolved. Luxury vinyl tiles have little in common with traditional vinyl. These tiles have a base made of vinyl with a print on top and a transparent top layer for protection.

The print can be of any material of your choice. This allows you to get the look of any material without the drawbacks. For instance, you could get hardwood-looking floors in your bathroom even if hardwood floors are usually not the best suited for them. And, even though luxury vinyl tiles include the word ‘luxury’, they’re actually one of the most affordable flooring materials you could find.

If you want to redo your bathroom floor with vinyl flooring, we suggest you speak with a vinyl flooring Ottawa supplier like Ottawa Diamond Flooring. They have some of the best products in the business and will be able to give you a good idea of how much you can expect to pay. They’ll also be able to look at various options with you and see which ones would work the best for the room you’re making over.


3 Cheap Renovations that Will Automatically Make Your Home Look More Expensive


Use Paint and Molding

Paint and molding are cheap, can be installed without professional help, and will instantly make your home look much more valuable. Just painting your front door with a vibrant color or a beautiful color that complements your house can completely change the way your house looks from the outside.

If you want to keep your costs down, you could get foam molding instead of wood molding and it’ll look the same. Don’t be afraid to play with colors either. Painting one wall a different color or using a different color for the walls and the ceiling could have a dramatic effect, so look at different options and see what could work.

These are all simple renovations that could instantly make your house look more luxurious. Consider trying some or all of these renovations if you want to make your house look and feel better or you want to make a speedy sale.

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