3 Common House Cleaning Errors and How to Avoid Them

Research shows that a clean house can improve your mental health, keep you from getting sick, and prevent fires and other accidents. It might not be your favorite chore, but cleaning offers a slew of benefits for you and your family.

But what happens if you’re not cleaning as well as you think you are? If you’re making common house cleaning mistakes, you could be putting in all the work to clean your home without getting the results you want.

Don’t worry — we’re here to solve your cleaning conundrum. Keep reading to learn the three most common house cleaning errors and how you can avoid them for good.


1. Cleaning, Not Disinfecting

We might use the words “cleaning” and “disinfecting” interchangeably, but they’re actually two different things.

Cleaning means physically removing visible dirt. For instance, you might clean smudges and handprints from a bay window. On the other hand, disinfecting means reducing the number of germs on a surface.

You don’t need to disinfect every surface in your home. However, many surfaces should be disinfected, including:

  • Kitchen counters
  • Appliances
  • High-touch surfaces
  • Bathroom surfaces and taps

To be sure that you’re disinfecting surfaces safely, check your house cleaning products. Bathroom and kitchen sprays should say that they both clean and disinfect the surfaces they touch. That way, you know your surfaces are appropriately germ-free.

2. Neglecting High-Contact Surfaces

Speaking of disinfecting: we all love to clean the grimy-looking spots (hello, grease-splattered backsplash). However, sometimes the dirtiest surfaces are the ones that don’t even look dirty. That’s because bacteria can thrive in places where dirt doesn’t even show up.

Make sure to disinfect the high-contact surfaces in your home — i.e., the places where people touch most frequently. These include:

  • Door handles
  • Appliance handles and buttons
  • TV remotes
  • Computer keyboards

Want your house to stay as safe as possible? Make disinfecting high-touch surfaces part of your regular house cleaning. Better yet, call house cleaners to give your home a professional cleaning and disinfection.


Hiring a House Cleaning Service House Cleaning Errors


3. Forgetting to Clean (and Dry) Your Tools

The most important thing you can do to stay safe when deep cleaning houses is to clean your rags and other tools well. This keeps them from spreading germs throughout your house day after day.

Keep your cleaning rags clean by:

  • Washing them in a separate load from other laundry (so they don’t contaminate your clothes)
  • Washing them on the hot water setting
  • Removing them from the washing machine right away to prevent them from getting musty
  • Completely drying them in the dryer on high heat
  • Once a month, washing them with a dash of Clorox or other bleach to kill any bacteria

Dirty cleaning tools will only make your house dirtier. Clean tools will keep your home safe and sparkling!


Avoid These House Cleaning Errors

If you’re committing these house cleaning sins, you could be making your house dirtier every time you try to clean. Now, you know how to get your house dirt-free without falling into these common house cleaning errors. Your body will thank you for a safer, germ-free home!

Getting a good house clean is just the beginning. Learn more tips and tricks to stay safe by clicking through to the next article. You’ll find the safety and lifestyle tips you need to live your best life right here on our blog!

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