3 Innovative Ways to Reduce Your Hydro Bill

When summer — also known as blast-the-air-conditioner season — rolls around, you always cringe at the thought of opening your utility bill. And if it’s of any consolation, you’re not alone. Research shows that electricity prices are typically highest during the summer months when demand skyrockets. The good news? You don’t have to resort to constantly paying a high hydro bill every summer. Instead, you can get your hydro bill back under control in some creative ways. Here’s a rundown on three innovative ways to help to manage and even reduce your monthly hydro bill in the years ahead.

Let’s jump in!


1. Get Rid of Phantom Power

More than three-quarters of the power that your home’s electronics use is actually consumed when your electronics have been turned off. This is a phenomenon known as phantom electric usage loads, and it affects kitchen appliances, computers, stereos, and televisions.

Fortunately, you can reduce your hydro bill simply by getting rid of these ghastly money suckers. All you need to do is plug each of your electronics into a power strip and turn off these strips when you’re not actively using them.

2. Adjust Your Laundry Habits

You can also make a few easy adjustments at laundry time to decrease your monthly hydro bill.

First, try to use cold water to wash your loads. The reason for this is that 90% of the power that a washing machine consumers goes toward heating water. The colder the water, the less energy your machine will use each time you wash, and the more you’ll save on your hydro bill.

Also, be sure to wash full loads only to save on electricity costs. Washing machines use large amounts of electricity, so you’ll save on your energy costs if you wash a couple of large loads versus several small loads.

Finally, if you can skip using your dryer, use a backyard clothesline instead. Alternatively, you can hang your washed clothes on your shower rod to avoid generating energy costs from your dryer usage.

3. Choose Solar

A company like Emerald Sun Energy can also help you to reduce your hydro bill by installing solar panels on your property.

Solar panels work by using the sun’s energy, rather than costly fossil fuel, to give your home energy. This will naturally save you on your electric bill.

Plus, if you generate excess electricity, you can send it back to the power grid. This will allow you to save even more, as you can get credits on your home’s subsequent hydro bill.


Start Reducing Your Hydro Bill Today

If you’re tired of paying a high hydro bill each month, now couldn’t be a better time to start making some changes in your daily living to drive the bill down. Fortunately, decreasing your utility bill doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

From simply switching up your laundry routine to adopting solar, you can enjoy the benefits of electricity without having to pay as much for it. Consider all of the above-listed tips for reducing your hydro bill to start saving money and helping the planet this summer.

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