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3 Inspiring Ideas to Make Your Home a More Personal Space

Last updated on January 5th, 2023

Your home is your castle; it’s a place where you can feel safe and secure, circled by the things that make you happy.

Your space will (in time) become representative of who YOU are. 

So what kind of statement do you want to make about yourself, and how do you plan on doing it?

By thinking about your personal space in a new way, you can change how you interact with it and how your entire day progresses as a result! 

Creating a space in your home that is truly personalized to you requires more than just choosing some furniture you like. 

The late Bruce Willen, a renowned interior designer, stated that “good design is good business” and emphasized the importance of interior design in creating that- feeling of home. 

It’s one of the most important parts of designing a home. 

In other words, it’s not enough to buy furniture and decorations that make you smile or feel happy – although this would be a brilliant start! 

So here are some ideas to help get those creative juices flowing to make your home truly yours.


 Make Your Home a More Personal Space
(Image credit: Kate Berry & Dane Tashina)


Put Your Interest In Display 

If you love arts and crafts, why not create your home art gallery. 

Think about what colors are best suited to your own personality and what you want to portray as an impression on all of your guests? 

Remember that artwork has no set definition – the style and medium used may speak a completely distinct language to someone else. 

If you love collecting timeless products, and they have seen their share of wear-and-tear, use them as an opening for making great art! After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Be unique- guilt-free!

You should check out decor ideas on online platforms, where many people who love collecting various items display their collections, whatever field or interests it may be. 


 Make Your Home a More Personal Space


Don’t Leave The Sentimental Items 

Even small bits and bobs can tell a story. If you loved painting mugs with your mom or dad, see if you can make one yourself now; it’s a fun and nostalgic task. 

And imagine how lovely it would be to wake up in the morning and drink out of it! It would add a touch of magic to your day, wouldn’t it? 

Even small things like cushions or throws for your sofa can tell a story. You can embroider on them or embellish them with original designs that are unique to you and your home. 

For example, why not cover up that boring old table and turn it into something marvelous by furnishing it with custom-made table runners? 

Sewing supplies and sewing notions are easily available, so don’t worry about the pocket squeeze and make your home a little more personal. 

Enhance Visual Effects 

Studies show that one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and improve quality of life is surrounding yourself with natural beauty. 

And your home is truly a place where you prefer to let the stresses and woes of daily life flow away. You honestly don’t need to move to a resort! 

You can do it by simply planting beautiful flowers in your own garden. You’ll be amazed at how you feel after even a little effort in this direction. Plus, flowers look good and smell even better. 


ewdf Make Your Home a More Personal Space
(Image credit: Kate Berry & Dane Tashina)



These are some great ways to add a personal touch that will make your home feel like it’s full of warmth and love. See if you can apply any of these suggestions, and let us know how they work for you!

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