3 Major Signs of a Rodent Infestation in Your Home

Do you think you might have mice or rats in your home? Would you like a telltale way of knowing if you have a rodent issue but are not sure where to turn?

Almost forty percent of homeowners have had a problem with rodents. And even though these pests are small, they can cause property damage, be difficult to get rid of, carry disease, create health problems, and contribute to mental stress.

If you think you have a rodent problem, we are here to help! Our guide will show you three ways to identify a rodent infestation in your home. Read below if you are finally ready to get rid of those pesky critters once and for all!


1. Gnaw Marks

One of the signs of a rodent infestation are gnaw marks around your home. Rodents love to chew on almost everything, so here are the most common places you should inspect for gnaw marks:

If you notice gnaw marks in any of these places or items, this is a sign that you have a rodent issue. Carefully check the size of the gnaw marks as well as the color to determine how recent the bite marks are and whether they are coming from a mouse or a rat. Because knowing what type of rodent you are dealing with will make it easier to treat.

2. Musky Odor

Another sign you might have a rodent issue is if you notice a strong musky odor in hidden places around your home. As rodents move around, they urinate, which gives off an unpleasant odor and gets stronger as the number of rodents increase.

If your sense of smell is good, then you have the power to help sniff out your rodent problem simply by using your nose!

3. Rodent Droppings

An additional sign that you could have a rodent problem is if you notice piles or trails of rodent droppings throughout your home. Most droppings will look like tiny brown pellets and will be close to where the pests are nesting.

If you have noticed gnaw marks, musky odors, or rodent droppings in and around your home, these are indicative of a rodent infestation. This means that it is time to call in an experienced pest control company. They will carry out an inspection, cover up any entry points leading into your home, set up traps and bait, and use safe chemical treatments to get rid of your rodent problem for good!

You Have the Tools to Get Rid of a Rodent Infestation!

Never worry about pesky critters taking over your home again! Our guide has shown you three signs to determine if you have a rodent infestation and several ways you can get rid of those unwanted visitors for good. By following our recommendations, you will have a pest-free home you can enjoy for years to come!

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