3 Major Ways Using the Internet Can Make You More Educated

Did you know that 93% of US adults now have Internet access? But how many make the best use of the Internet to better educate themselves?

This article offers three essential tips for using the Internet to tap into a world of learning.

Discover how online tutorial videos on a super-fast fiber connection can open up new learning opportunities. Find out how to enroll in a distance learning course. And learn how to collaborate with others in real time on your online projects.

Read on to see how these invaluable Internet tips can help transform your outlook on life.


Using the Internet to Educate Yourself

The availability of high-speed broadband will reach its 20th birthday in 2024. Over the past few decades, Internet access has revolutionized the world, especially when it comes to education.

With a swipe of a thumb, we can ask Google the answer to any question that pops into our heads. We can download documents, read Wiki articles, and watch videos to learn something new.

But how else can using the Internet make you more educated?

1. Online Tutorial Videos

YouTube is the king of cat videos, but it offers so much more than pure entertainment. In fact, over half of all viewers visit Google’s video site to learn something new.

YouTube categorizes its offerings to help you find the content you want. For example:

  • How-to and Style
  • Science and Technology
  • Nonprofits and Activism
  • Autos and Vehicles

The Education category itself lets you learn a new skill or language, be it verbal or computer code. All you need is a high-speed connection.

If you experience Internet connecting issues, then go with a lightning-fast fiber provider like Glofiber.com. There’s nothing worse than buffering when you need to learn how to change a flat tire!

2. Distance Learning

Ever wanted to further your education through a diploma or degree but couldn’t live on-campus?

With the advent of fiber and broadband connections, you can now access distance learning courses. These act as a virtual classroom where you learn via your computer screen and interact with your tutor online.

Use Google Search to find a suitable course. You’ll soon discover how to enroll in an e-learning lesson by submitting an online form. And you can do this all from the comfort of your own home.

3. Real-Time Collaboration

Education is more than watching a video or reading a web page. You can learn much from watching others and even collaborating with them, all in real time.

For example, the latest version of Microsoft Office (Microsoft 365) lets you and your colleagues work on a document at the same time.

You’ll see the screen light up as they add new comments, edit layouts, and insert useful information. Working as a team also encourages instant feedback that you can use to enhance your skillsets.

Real-time collaboration tools like Slack and Teams are a great way to combine work and education. Reach out and work on something together today.


More Tips on How to Use the Internet

Using the internet to educate yourself can be the beginning of something special.

Instead of wasting time playing the latest game or scrolling social media, research a distance learning course. Ask your friends to work on a joint online project. And enhance your YouTube playlists with something that will expand your mind.

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