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3 Perfect Ways of Hanging a Hammock Chair

Whether you are looking to add a statement with a unique item to your space or you are looking for an extra sitting space for your leisure, hanging a hammock chair will always be an ideal move. When hanging a hammock chair, make sure to identify a great spot.

In most cases, you will likely spend your time on the hammock when you need relaxation. Make sure that where the hammock chair will hand is serene and comfy. There are three ideal points that could serve well for hanging a hammock chair;

  • On tree branches
  • Solid arbor main post
  • Deck ceilings


1. How To Hang a Hammock Chair Outdoor

You should consider the perfect location for your hammock before hanging it. The other consideration you should make is the season. It will almost make no sense should you hang the hammock outside during winter. However, during warmer months, most people want to catch some sun and breeze out and that would make riding a hammock chair outdoors a perfect idea. You can hang it on the branches of the trees in your backyard. There are a few things to consider while hanging a hammock chair;

Attachment Area

Ensure wherever you choose to hang your hammock chair there is enough space. Ideally, a hammock chair hangs six feet nine inches thus needing ample space. The anchor should be strong enough to support your hammock chair. While hanging the chair outside, consider a tall pole or tree to hang the loop around.

Wrap The Hanging Strap

Wrap the hanging strap around an anchor vertically. Always ensure the mental loop is hanging down so you can use it to connect your hammock chair.

Hook The Loop at the Hanging Strap

using one side of the S-hook, put the loop on the hanging strap, and use the other end to hook the hammock chair. At this point, the hammock chair is ready for use.

2. How To Hang a Hammock Chair Indoors

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Hang it From The Beam

If your house has exposed beams whether iron or wooden, they can really come in handy when hanging a hammock chair.  However, depending on the size and material the beam is made of, there is a certain weight each can hold. For example, beams made of steel can hold any size of your hammock chair. On the other hand, a wooden beam can support a hammock of 2″ by 6″. Pro tip when installing a hammock chair on the beam, position it at the edge of the room.

If the beam of your house is not directly against the ceiling, just wrap your hammock chair directly and it should be good. However, if the beam has been fitted directly to the ceiling, you will need to use a hammock chair hanging kit for the process.

Use an Indoor Hammock Chair Stand

Using an indoor hammock chair stand is a hack that has been used by people over and over. The method is popular and most preferred because you do not have to drill your house during the installation of the hammock. Indoor hammock chair stands come in a variety of styles and materials to choose from.

Ideally, it is a great idea to settle for an indoor chair stand that is lightweight, with a compact footprint and lower height. The height should be dependent on the size of the room you are installing your hammock swing chair.

Use Pull Bar

Using a pull bar in your doorway to hang a hammock chair is a very exciting hack. This method does not require you to drill. 

The greatest pull bar of all time is the one that hooks over the top of your doorframe. I said greatest due to their safety. We all need some comfort but it should always be accompanied by safety.

3. How to Hang a Hammock From The Ceiling

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Drill a 3/8 inch hole and let it go as deep as it can go for the heavy-duty screw eye. While doing this, you should have safety in mind. The anchor should be strong enough to support the weight of the person lying on the hammock chair. At least 2 inches of the shank should be inside the solid wood of the ceiling.

Fix carabiners onto the ends of the hammock chains and use the carabiners to hang your hammock chair. The carabiners should be attached to the screw eyes that were drilled in before. Check out whether the height of your hammock chair is as you desired. If not, you can either lengthen or shorten the chains to achieve your desired height. You can use extra carabiners to add to the length of the chains if need be.


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