3 Reasons Why Quality Standing Desks Are Becoming Increasingly Popular for the Home

Quality standing desks are becoming an increasingly fashionable addition to any modern home. Not only are there new and exciting stylish options in the premium standing desk market, but an unprecedented number of people are looking to revolutionize how they work from home.

In this blog, we’ll outline why standing desks are becoming increasingly popular, and why there is no match for the range that Ergo Desks provide.


1. Boosting Productivity

There is no getting away from the fact that working from home presents some difficulties in terms of focus. Many people have trouble getting into a work mindset when they associate their domestic setup with rest and relaxation, but this is where the benefits of a standing desk come in.

Standing up with your back straight helps your brain stay focused on the task at hand. Posture and mindset are linked more closely than you might think. Slumping at a dining room table doesn’t boost productivity. Even sitting in your home office knowing your living room, fridge, sunny gardens, and so on are just moments that can make it challenging to stick to the task at hand.

Quality standing desks allow you to stand up straight at intervals and periods of your choosing. Whenever you start to find yourself distracted, you can immediately stand up with the click of a button and make sure you maintain productivity by working smarter, not harder.


Quality Standing Desks


2. Improving Health and Fitness

Another huge problem with working from home is that it is having an effect on our health. Although desk jobs aren’t great for your spine and general health, the fact so many of us don’t even have our morning commute anymore means we are spending even less time off of our feet.

Again, the benefits of standing desks can help here. Standing for either short and regular or prolonged periods at your desk has been proven to improve posture and reduce or prevent back pain associated with office work.

At Ergo Desks, our adjustable premium standing desks give you total control of when and for how long you want to stand. Whether you want to alternate in 20 minute periods or spend an entire morning/afternoon standing or sitting, switching is just the push of a button.

3. Stylish Addition to Any Home

When it comes to desks, most people aren’t particularly picky when it comes to how the desk they have at work looks. After all, it’s an office building – you leave at 5pm, it’s not as if it will be spoiling the look of your home for dinner guests!

At Ergo Desks, we are conscious that an increasing number of clients are buying for their own home, and we know that all of our customers want different styles of quality standing desks.

If you have a more modern, technological home then the Atlas Chrome is a stylish, sleek, and contemporary option. On the other hand, the Crown range is more traditional, with numerous colours and wood varieties available to seamlessly blend with and complement any type of interior décor.


Quality Standing Desks


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Premium standing desks are a fantastic option for anyone, whether you want to improve productivity, boost fitness, or just pick something stylish to complement your home. At Ergo Desks, we have worked hard to curate a diverse and quality range of products and support our customers with unrivalled service before, during, and after their purchase.

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Quality Standing Desks

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