3 Signs Your Home Has A Damaged Foundation

The signs of a damaged foundation are many, but if you are not aware of it (most people aren’t), then it’s more likely you would ignore it.

There are many ways to identify if you have a home with a damaged foundation, be it a slab leak foundation damage or a tree roots foundation damage.

Read on to see what the 3 top signs are that your foundation needs repairs.


1. Windows and Doors Are Too Loose or Tight

Your foundation is the structure upon which everything else sits. Anything that damages your foundation will start showing up on everything else related to the house.

If you notice that your windows are becoming too tight or too loose, it’s a huge sign that you need to start looking for foundation repair companies.

Windows and doors are made to fit the walls perfectly. If they start becoming too tight to close or if you start seeing cracks around the windowsills and doors, stop everything and call a repair company right away.

2. There’s Damage in the Exterior Walls

If you start seeing any kind of damage on the exterior walls, including cracks, decay, mold, or water stains, it’s an indicator that you might have foundation water damage.

Interestingly enough, walls are designed to have a bit of ‘give’ to them. That’s how they are constructed and they are supposed to be able to take the weather changes, and such.

If they start warping, it indicates that there is a deeper problem to root out, most probably related to your foundation.

3. The Interior Floors or Ceilings Are Sagging or Warping

The floor and ceilings are the part of the house that lay parallel to the foundation. Thus, they can act as a sort of reflection or mirror of what’s going on with the foundation.

If you start seeing sagging floors or warped ceilings, or you start seeing space in between the ceilings and the walls, it might be a sign of tree roots foundation damage, or foundation water damage.

Ignore this sign at your own peril. Or your house’s peril, to be more accurate. The great thing about all three signs is that they are easy to spot and mark.

You can’t miss a sagging floor or ceiling. Nor can you miss damage in the walls, windows, or doors. Start paying more attention to your home – more than how clean the carpet is, or what the kitchen counter looks like.

A Damaged Foundation Is Easy to Spot if You Know What to Look for

Now, you are one of the lucky few who know how to spot a damaged foundation. Hopefully, you never have to use this knowledge in your lifetime.

But if you do, you will be prepared to call that foundation repair company asap. Delays in fixing a damaged foundation are never recommended, as you might imagine. Your life might depend upon it.

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