3 Signs Your Home Needs a New Roof

Hiring professionals for a home remodel can help you get new life from your property. The roofing industry has a $56 billion value, making it one of the most common upgrades that people make over the years.

Upgrading to a new roof will help you protect the people in your home, while also making your home look its best over the years. Knowing the signs that you need a replacement makes you better able to purchase the best new selection.

Keep reading to learn about the signs you need a roof replacement.


1. Your Roof Is Always Leaking

A leaking roof is one of the biggest signs that it’s time to get a new one. A leaking roof is common, but it’s not the type of repair you should need frequently.

If your roof is constantly leaking, it’s a sign that it’s no longer equipped to deal with precipitation and heavy storms. A single winter storm can cause an affected area $93 million in water damage claims. Replace your roof with one that has weatherproof materials so that you don’t leave the door open for mold and mildew in your household.

2. It Has Holes or Pests

It’s also time to replace your roof if it has large holes. These holes are the result of your materials wearing down and allowing wind and moisture inside. Leaving holes unchecked can also cause pests to start building nests inside your home.

Get a thorough inspection to make sure that your roof needs to be replaced, rather than repaired.

3. The Roof Is Old

If you’ve had your current roof for several years, it might be time to get a brand new roof. Roofs generally last anywhere between 10 years and 50 years depending on the material it’s made from. Keep the documentation of your initial installation, which should have an estimate of how many years you can expect the roof to last.

Have the roof inspected annually so that you’re up-to-date on the most current state and how much longer it’ll work effectively. Keeping an old roof for too long might eventually lead to extensive home renovations to keep your property safe and inhabitable.

Hire the Best Roofing Experts

You’ll need the help of a quality roofing company to address the work for you. Take the time to speak to professionals that are National Roofing Contractor’s Association (NRCA) vetted so that you can trust their professionalism and service.

Always get at least a handful of price estimates on the roof that you’re shopping for, and find out the timetable it’ll take for a roofer to address the full installation. Companies like Falcon Roofing provide an array of roofing services for customers of all kinds.

Find a New Roof That’s High Quality

The tips above will help you find a new roof that you’ll appreciate. Knowing when you should replace your roof is a key part of homeownership, so act quickly and handle the project with the thoroughness it needs.

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