3 Surprising Migraine Facts to Ease Your Pain

Have you found yourself struggling to function due to painful headaches? Were you diagnosed with migraines and not sure what to do next? Getting migraines can feel like a huge limitation is placed on your life and your ability to do things spontaneously or plan ahead.

A migraine can swoop in at the worst moment and leave you laid up for days at a time. However, there are some migraine facts you should know before giving up hope with your new diagnosis. Migraines don’t have to run your life.


1. A Preventable Problem

One of the most important chronic migraine facts to know is that they can be preventable. If you can learn your common triggers for migraines like a shift in your hormones you can better prepare for one and take the necessary medications or precautions so it doesn’t become worse.

There are both over-the-counter and prescribed medications for migraines. And you can also explore other options like botox or an injection to help keep your migraines minimal.

There are also lifestyle moves you can make to avoid headaches, and avoid those that could become migraines. Exercising is a great way to help your body stay healthy and release endorphins. You don’t have to run a marathon every day, but some form of exercise should help.

2. More Likely a Migraine

Many people diagnosed with migraines might feel they are alone in this diagnosis. But one of the interesting facts about migraines is that they are more common than people think. They may even be misdiagnosed as other illnesses or symptoms.

Getting something like a sinus headache might make you think you have a really bad sinus infection, but it could be a migraine. Sinus headaches are very uncommon, and having one could be a migraine in that area.

This is also true for some tension headaches. Some people might think they are prone to tension headaches, but if you are in enough pain that you call a doctor it is probably a migraine.

3. You’re Not What You Eat

One of the widespread facts about migraines that isn’t backed up is that food can trigger them. Many people will be put on certain diets to help prevent migraines, but often the food is not the problem. And going hungry actually can trigger a migraine.

Usually, a trigger is not related to that chocolate bar you ate earlier, but more internal changes like in your hormone levels.


Main Migraine Facts

When it comes to migraine facts, you might be hearing all kinds of things, especially about their causes. Migraines can be very individual, so it is important to talk with your doctor and be aware of your body and how you’re feeling. Do not discount certain triggers like hormones, that can often go overlooked for less important issues like a diet.

Mostly do not forget that being diagnosed with migraines does not mean your life will be on pause. Migraines can be handled and treated. And if this helped you better understand them, keep reading for more good info.

Are you looking for more tips? Check out this infographic for more!


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