3 Tips To Keep Your Outdoor Living Clean And Odor-Free

An outdoor living area can become a crown jewel of your space. It’s also a great area where you can experiment on certain themes, express your style, and decorate it with striking furniture pieces. During the sunny months, your patio can become a haven where you can relax, enjoy the warm weather, dine in with family, read books, or simply appreciate the beauty of your plants. 

However, over time, your patio cushions can accumulate the smell of mildew, your deck will be filled with residues, and your other accessories can become stained. When not addressed immediately, your outdoor area can smell bad and look untidy. Also, nothing can suck the life out of your haven-like patio like this debris making its way inside your space.


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Outdoor Living Maintenance Tips

Considering its role, it’s crucial to keep your outdoor setting spotless and smelling great as this can serve as an extension of your home and a temporary area where you receive and welcome guests. 

If you spend the majority of your time in your outdoor living compared to your indoor living room, it’s important to focus your energy on keeping it crisp and appealing. To keep your outdoor living clean and odor-free, consult the following tips.

  • Cover Up Drainage System

You might seldom give this a thought. However, during rainy seasons, you need to have durable and well-fitted covers for your rainwater drainage systems in your patio or parking area. 

These manhole covers can help prevent unpleasant gases and odors from making their way into your outdoor area. This also keeps your family safe from infections due to bacterial growth in standing waters. Your manhole covers can also keep unwanted materials from entering your sewers, keeping them in good condition. 

Considering these, make sure to look for manhole covers that fit your budget range and intentions for using such. You can see this and skim through other businesses with sewer cover categories to make it easy for you to choose the right manhole cover for your outdoor living area.  


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  • Keep The Clutter Down

For some guests, the look and state of your patio can be a reflection of what’s inside the home. While having a lot of decorative items and sitting options can make your outdoor space inviting, these might become visually overwhelming and cumbersome to maintain over time. This is especially if your kids unavoidably disarrange the furniture items, leave juice stains on the couch, and forget to return their toys inside. 

For this reason, make sure to declutter periodically to keep your cleaning work to a minimum. While at it, make sure to keep your furnishings to a few. Whether it’s for practical or design purposes, assign a role for your outdoor accents and decorative pieces. If a certain item doesn’t belong to either category, it might be best to designate a home for them in your interiors. 

If you have a tiny outdoor area, decluttering can expand, boost comfort, and brighten up your space. This also allows you to highlight certain key areas in your exteriors, such as your lovely porch and plants. Moreover, the fresh scents of your potted flowers and greeneries can also overpower the subtle smell of the stains as you gradually look for ways to reduce them. 

  • Remove Mold And Mildew

Over time, certain residues can accumulate in your patio cushions and furniture pieces. These can cause foul odors, which can be embarrassing especially if your guests were the ones to smell them first. The mold and mildew buildup may also cause harm to your family’s health, doubling the trouble. 

Gladly, there are easy and quick fixes to help you eliminate the smell. You can simply mix water, detergent, and baking soda to clean and scrub down all the mess. There are easy-to-follow procedures online on how to make your DIY homemade solution

While at it, gently scrub the loose debris, dirt, cobwebs, dust, and stains using a soft-bristled brush before finishing them with a soft, dry rug. For your other wooden furniture, wipe them down with a slightly damp rag or microfiber cloth. Don’t forget to clean the furniture legs as well. 

Alternatively, use a light vacuum to suck any residues that are accumulating within your sofas. After successfully removing the entire mold and mildew, make sure to routinely do all these tasks to reduce the amount of cleaning work in the long haul.


The Takeaway

Keeping your outdoor space clean and odor-free can be time-consuming. However, all efforts will be worth it once you’re able to enjoy a pleasant, crisp, and cozy patio. By following the tips above, you can have an idea of how to approach the cleaning process and make your outdoor living ready for any occasion. 


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