4 Basic Interior Design Styles That Interior Designers Love!

When you are planning to revamp your home decor, knowing some of the designer’s favorite interior design styles can make all the difference. It can help elevate your personal tastes and curate the perfect house of your dreams. 

But when it comes to decorating our homes we all like to try out different styles that have been popularly recommended. We all have pinned numerous decor references online, ideas that we want to incorporate into our homes. So why not get inspired by the masters themselves?

We have put down a list of the four most popular interior design style types that have topped every interior designer’s list. Scroll down for four classics that have pleased not only the crowd but also the OG’s. Take a look and see what resonates most with your personality and style.


Minimalistic Touch With Scandinavian Interior Design

Functional, minimalistic, and graceful; that’s how the Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, and Finns love their decor to be. Cut to now where people from all over the world are rooting for the Scandinavian style. This interior design style is for the ones who love a bit of nature in their decor. The materials are primarily natural, like local woods and rattan, leather, cotton, and linen fabrics. To complement these materials the preferred color palette is neutral. 

To brighten up the neutral palette, light pastel shades will be a perfect choice. It’s a favorite among interior designers for its unique furniture and accessory designs. They are subtle yet remarkable and add bring forth the right warmth and comfort. If your style is all about being less practical with decor then this designer’s choice will be the best fit for you!

4 Basic Interior Design Styles That Interior Designers Love!


Subtle Sophistication With Contemporary Interior Design

Few design styles have produced as many iconic designs quite as the contemporary interior design did. It’s no wonder that contemporary style is so insanely popular today. It’s not the same as modern design styles because contemporary interiors are all about being in the moment and experimenting with different textures and designs.

To all the people who love to have that sophisticated touch to their interiors then you should definitely give this style a shot. The most unique feature of contemporary interior design is the deliberate use of texture that can add so much depth and character to any space. Designers love this style as it includes a lot of black and white or neutrals with an added twist of bold accent colors to create some contrast. If you are looking for a home makeover that blends classic elements with modern pieces, look no further. 

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Classical Touch With Traditional Interior Design

This age-old style majorly draws inspiration from the 18th and 19th centuries. What makes traditional interior design a popular choice because this style keeps evolving while retaining its timeless essence. 

This style includes curving lines and ivory hues that bring a whole luxury vibe to your interior. A designer pro tip to swear by when turning your home into classical heaven is adding some timeless pieces to tie everything together. It could be an antique mirror, a timeless shelf, or a famous classic painting. These elements will help you add so much to your interior without actually doing much.

4 Basic Interior Design Styles That Interior Designers Love!


Romantic Aesthetics With Mediterranean Interior Design

The Mediterranean interior design brings with it a relaxed, rustic, and welcoming spirit with it. If you are looking for a seaside feeling in your less sunny home, this style will be the perfect fit.

This style is a combination of earth tones, a splash of light colors, and a good mix of warm accents that turn the decor feeling so romantic. The most commonly used materials include clay, pine or local olive wood, linen, and raffia. Incorporating some cool ideas for wall art is also popular in this style. It’s one of the most common designer’s picks as it brings a breath of fresh air with Mediterranean plants and herbs.

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Ending Note

Your home should be a reflection of who you really are. When you move to your new home it is like a plain canvas that you can paint in your own image and likeness. In the end, your abode should always reflect a piece of you in it.

We hope these favorite interior designer picks have motivated you enough to remodel your house to perfection. Every room in your home is special so these interior design styles for each room in your home will definitely help revamp your space. Until then happy styling! 


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