4 Benefits of Using A 4K Security Camera in Your Home

Technology evolves over time. And your CCTV camera isn’t an exception. It is now available in 4K resolution, providing crystal-clear footage. Gone are the days when you had to zoom in on an intruder to find out specifics about his gait, appearance, and movements before breaking in. With a 4K security camera in your house, you can now clearly see the face of the offender and report him to the police as soon as possible. Here are a few more benefits of installing a 4K CCTV security camera kit in your home.


1. Collect high-clarity evidence

A 4K CCTV camera has a higher resolution than older CCTV cameras. This allows you to identify the criminal immediately. You can show the CCTV footage to the police to track the criminal down.

The high-quality video recording ensures that the police have all the details of the intruder before chasing him down and putting him behind bars. Most importantly, these cameras now support audio. Therefore, you now have an audio-visual system to monitor your home 24 x 7.

2. Better alarms

Many home security cameras come with alarm systems that notify you whenever there is movement in front of the camera. But the problem is they send tons of false alarms. For example, your phone will buzz even if a leaf drops in front of the camera or a dog strolls by in your front yard.

But installing a 4K CCTV camera provides more clarity. The analytic alarm goes off only when the camera notices something suspicious. It doesn’t bother you with false alarms.


4K security camera


3. Prevent crimes in and around your house

The main objective of setting up a CCTV camera is to prevent crimes and identify offenders. A 4K CCTV ensures that you put fear in the mind of the intruder before he decides to break in. He will already know that you are monitoring his actions, and the CCTV footage will lead the police to him.

The perpetrator will think twice before attacking your house. Furthermore, your 4K CCTV camera kit can prevent various crimes around the house, such as vandalism, pick-pocketing, the creation of graffiti on house walls, destruction of private and public properties, illegal drug trade, ornaments snatching, and sexual assault. It’s hard to stop these crimes immediately, but you can play a part in capturing the criminals, thanks to your 4K CCTV camera.

4. Keep your family safe

Suppose your office is an hour away from your house. You cannot come to the rescue of your family if anything drastic happens in your home. But you can call the police and get your family to safety. Your 4K CCTV camera can provide real-time updates on what’s happening in the house. For example, if there’s a fire, you can immediately call the fire department before getting to the scene. Or, call 911 if someone’s hurt.

4K CCTV cameras are making it easier to capture details of intruders than before. It makes your home safe and secure and ensures that your family lives peacefully when you are away.



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