4 Benefits of Using Reusable Bags

It’s documented that on average, every American uses 365 plastic bags a year. And these bags contain chemical additives found to cause birth defects and compromise otherwise healthy immune systems. Such life-threatening risks led to the adoption of hundreds of bag ordinances across the United States.

California was the first state to promote the use of reusable shopping bags by banning plastic bags. And now that more states have adopted the same practice, there’s been an improvement in waste prevention. It’s easier to wash reusable grocery bags than to clean up millions of plastic bags.

Keep reading if you’re still questioning whether buying reusable bags is the right choice for you. Here are three benefits of using a reusable shopping bag that oughta settle your mind.


4 Benefits of Using Reusable Bags


1. Decreased Pollution

Plastic bags were among the top 10 items found during the International Coastal Cleanup not long ago. At that time, volunteers extracted 23 million pounds of trash in one day. That included 964,541 plastic grocery bags.

It’s unfortunate plastic bags end up in rivers and oceans rather than landfills. If not disposed of properly, you may find plastic bags blowing around the streets where you live. Because when they’re not recycled, plastic bags pollution continues to increase creating problems for future generations.

2. Money Savings

It’s common for grocery stores to build their added costs into the goods you buy. So states that still provide plastic bags may charge higher prices. And states that have banned plastic bags charge anywhere from a nickel to ten cents for a bag.

That doesn’t sound like a lot of money on the surface. But it adds up fast when you’re buying five bags of groceries every week.

3. Versatility

A reusable bag serves the same purpose as a tote. There’s no need to limit yourself to using them only at the grocery store. Whether you’re buying clothes, shoes, or household goods, you can carry your purchases in a reusable bag.

Keep reusable bags in your car to have them at your disposal. The Barebones Foraging Bag is a fashionable option for daily trips and everyday errands. And it’ll last longer than your average tote bag.

4. Increased Storage Space

If you’re like most people, you have a special storage area in your home for plastic bags. You probably use them for trash collection and carrying small items, amongst other things. Over time, you likely collect loads of plastic bags that take up valuable space that can be used in other ways.

But reusable bags would take the place of those wasteful plastic bags. They’re a great solution for anyone looking for simple ways to declutter their home.


4 Benefits of Using Reusable Bags


Switch to Reusable Bags

Opting for reusable bags does a lot to save the environment. And at the same time, eliminating plastic bags could help suppress rising grocery prices. Do yourself and the next generation a favor and choose reusable grocery bags the next time you go shopping.

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