4 Characteristics of Tropical Rainforests

Indonesia is a country that has a large number of tropical rainforest areas. Tropical rainforests, which are known to have high humidity, dominate the types of forests scattered in this country.

The humidity in Indonesia tropical rainforest even reaches 1200 millimeters of rainfall per year. Tropical rainforest areas are also often referred to as evergreens because they stay green throughout the year. Then what are the characteristics of tropical rainforests in Indonesia?


Tropical Rainforest Features

The tropical rainforests in Indonesia have their own uniqueness and are different from other countries. The main characteristics of Indonesia’s tropical rain forests are tall trees and very dense leaves. Not only that, there are several other characteristics of tropical rainforests, such as:

1. High Humidity

First characteristic of Indonesia’s tropical rain forests is the high humidity in the air. The soil in the tropical rain forest can store water reserves until it overflows. The high humidity level is also due to a large amount of water vapor. It is known that the water vapor that appears comes from the leaves that evaporate into the atmosphere.

Not only that, but tropical rain forests also have warm temperatures and vegetation density. This is what makes tropical rainforests in Indonesia trigger the level of humidity in the air.

2. Layered Plant Vegetations

The Tropical rainforest has several layers which are called levels A, B, C, D and E. Level A consists of 30 meter trees, while level B has trees with many branches that intersect with each other.

Level C is usually composed of trees with a height of 4 – 20 meters with a huge number of branches to form a dense tree canopy. Then level D usually consists of herbal plants, ferns to palms, and lastly, level E contains short plants whose function is to cover the forest floor, such as shrubs, mushrooms, or mosses.

3. High Regeneration Ability

One of the characteristics of tropical rainforests is that they can repair the damage, such as if it’s being uprooted by the wind. When a tree falls, the canopy automatically opens up which allows the sunlight to reach the forest floor so that the bushes and saplings can grow.

4. Rain Puddles

The last characteristic is that tropical rain forests also have puddles of water so that when the rainy season arrives, the soil will automatically absorb the water. Plants will then form a puddle in which there is biota. This condition can be observed after the rain and the land around the forest is already wet with rainwater.

For those who might be traveling to Pink Sand Beach Komodo Island, there is a tropical rain forest that is quite close to the area. This tropical rain forest is located in the Komodo National Park area. Besides Komodo National Park, there are many other tropical rainforest areas in Indonesia, spreading across Sumatra, Java, until Papua.

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