4 Creative Ways to Use Your Spare Bedroom

While millions of parents are facing a recently empty nest, it can be a challenge to decide what to do with the extra room in your house. As you watch your children grow, move on to college, and onto lives of their own, there are so many memories to digest. Parting with your kids can be tough, but there are certain advantages to having a smaller household.

If your kids are out on their own, it means that you will suddenly have more space to use in your home. You may want to turn your child’s room into a simple guest suite, or you may be looking to do something a bit more creative or useful for the extra space.

An extra bedroom is wasted if it is simply used for storage or left empty. You could create the perfect home gym and ditch your expensive membership. Let’s take a closer look at a few creative ways that you can use your spare bedroom.


  • Library

Every book lover dreams of having a space in their home that can be turned into a private library. Creating a simple book nook doesn’t take a lot of work and can give you a space where you can relax and enjoy your favorite volumes. With a bit of work, you can mount full wall shelves that you can fill with your books, memorabilia, and trinkets.

A few comfy chairs or a reading lounge will make your library complete. Don’t forget to give yourself the right lighting so that you have created a warm and appealing place to either entertain or take some time out to read a few chapters in peace and quiet.

  • Home Office

Since the beginning of the pandemic of 2020, millions of people have converted their careers to work from home. As many employees begin to head back to the office, more than a few have decided to continue their work from home.

If you have an extra bedroom, it could be the perfect place to set up a private home office. Your home workspace should give you a place that is quiet, without distraction and gives you the privacy that you need to stay productive. A spare bedroom could be the perfect fit for the work-from-home professional.


4 Creative Ways to Use Your Spare Bedroom


  • Home Gym

Many gyms are still closed after the pandemic, leaving many fitness enthusiasts with few choices for staying in good shape. Why not turn it into the perfect home gym if you have an extra bedroom?

You can skip the hassle of packing up your bag and heading to the gym when you have everything that you need right in your home. A few workout mats, a treadmill, and some weights are all you need to create the perfect workout space at home.

  • Crafting Room

If you have a creative mind, you may want to take advantage of your extra bedroom to create a space for you to work on your projects. An extra bedroom can be used to set up all of your crafting supplies and give you a dedicated space to work. A simple crafting table, some innovative storage, and shelving to help you with your crafting inventory needs are all you need to create the perfect cozy crafting space.


4 Creative Ways to Use Your Spare Bedroom


If you are lucky enough to have a spare bedroom in your home, don’t let the space go to waste. Follow some of these tips to create the perfect space for your needs.

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