4 Dumpster Rental Tips For Home Remodeling

When preparing for a home remodeling, it’s essential to keep in mind where all the debris and trash from the renovation work will go. Your yard can fill up with garbage, creating an unpleasant sight. Thus, renting a dumpster should allow seamless waste removal. It can also help avoid friction with your neighbors about dirt and debris getting blown onto their driveways. 

It’s vital to know how long your remodeling can take while searching for a dumpster to rent. Additionally, you should know the estimate of the garbage. Most companies, such as dumpster bin rentals in Toronto, can offer a variety of sizes and services. Thus, understanding the scope of your dumpster needs is crucial. 

Considerations like these ensure that you get the most from renting a dumpster. Below are some tips when dealing with dumpster rentals before and during your remodeling period. 

1. Do A Little Shopping Around 

Each dumpster rental company would have policies, services, and prices that differ from the competition. Therefore, it’s up to you to determine which one offers a package that fits your requirements. If you don’t do some research, you may not get the bargain that suits you. 

While looking for a rental dumpster, comparing the costs of various rentals allows you to settle on one with the right price. Additionally, it ensures that the price you pay doesn’t include hidden fees that the rental company would otherwise cover. By comparing various pricing strategies, you can save on your spending during the remodeling period. 

If you’re in Canada, for instance, and you need a dumpster bin rental in Toronto, you can check reviews and other testimonials from previous customers. The best way is to ensure you can plan. Planning allows you to have time to check out a variety of dumpster rentals without the pressure of meeting a closer timeline. Thus, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision. Furthermore, you ensure the service company can get you the appropriate dumpster.


4 Dumpster Rental Tips For Home Remodeling


2. Choose An Appropriate Location To Place The Dumpster 

During remodeling, there’ll be several movements to and from the dumpster. Thus, you would want to have it in a position that is easily accessible by the renovation team. However, you wouldn’t want it to be an obstacle to movements in and around your driveway or compound. Its placement also shouldn’t cause damage to your lawn or yard. Furthermore, the size of the dumpster determines where you should position it. While a 10-yard dumpster might fit in your driveway, a 30-yard one would be too big. 

Apart from accessibility, you should also ensure the ground is sturdy enough to hold the dumpster’s weight when full. Thus, if your position has a soft surface, you can place plywood before to help distribute weight. This can help reduce damage and prevent the dumpster from sinking. 

Dumpster rental companies recommend choosing a space twice the size of the dumpster. This way, you would have enough room for the delivery truck and if you have to load bulky and heavy items into the dumpster.

3. Get The Right Size Estimate 

It’s vital to know the approximate amount of trash and debris your remodeling may generate. This way, you can make a good choice on what size of dumpster to rent. You wouldn’t want to under or overestimate the dumpster size. 

If you get a smaller dumpster, it can mean calling for deliveries several times before you finish remodeling. This can be costly in the end. But, if you overestimate your dumpster needs, you may get a too-large dumpster for the job. Thus, you’ll still spend more when a smaller one would have worked. 

Most dumpster rental companies give you 10, 20, 30, or 40-yard dumpster sizes. A basic guideline is to know the scope of your remodeling project. For instance, if you’re remodeling your kitchen or garage, you can get the smallest size, which is a 10-yard dumpster. However, if your remodeling is for the whole house and is a reasonably large one, you may need to get the 30 or 40-yard one. 

It’s important to note that local authorities don’t allow transporting a dumpster with garbage or debris rising above its top edge in most locations. Thus, getting your size estimates is crucial.


4. Layer The Garbage And Know What You Can Put In The Dumpster 

Even filling a dumpster can have a plan to ensure you utilize its size to the maximum. You may request pickup several times before remodeling is over if you throw your trash haphazardly. You can start by loading flat items like insulation and cardboard at the bottom. Follow this up with bulky ones like sinks and flooring. Lastly, you can put in loose garbage like shingles, then put bagged garbage on top.  

Furthermore, some waste like asbestos can be hazardous to the environment. Thus, you should know the restrictions of the type of garbage you can and can’t put in the dumpster. You can check with the dumpster company and local authorities on the guidelines. 


4 Dumpster Rental Tips For Home Remodeling



While remodeling, waste management can be crucial to having a clean and tidy yard. Thus, getting a dumpster rental can help you adequately manage the garbage and debris from your remodeling process. 

The above tips can come in handy as you rent a dumpster for your home remodeling.

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