4 Haunted Places in China You Must Visit for a Creepy Adventure

With a long history of over 5000 years, it is quite obvious that China has got some mysterious ghost stories in some nook or corner of the ancient buildings and walls. From the deserted mansions of Shanghai to the spooky halls in Beijing, the country has got several tales of horror for the visitors. Check out these top haunted places in China that you can visit if you think you are brave enough to encounter them. Remember, these places are not for the weak-hearted!


Haunted Places in China


Fengdu Ghost City in Chongqing

Situated on the Yangtze River banks, the Fengdu Ghost City has preserved its spooky stories for over 200 years now. As per the tales of legends, two Eastern Han Dynasty officials tried their hands of Taoist practices for immortality on the Ming mountain. The combined meaning of their names was ‘King of Hell’ and the two drew the locals into the underworld.

In the present day, this area is encompassed by several shrines and temples dedicated to that underworld and visitors can see this dark side of Chinese tradition and culture through the sculptures and paintings on the walls of the temples. These art pieces depict the torture done on the villagers for their sins.

The Forbidden City in Beijing

Forbidden City is a place that every traveler visits in China, a staple attraction for many. However, this is still unknown by many that the Imperial Palace itself is haunted! It has got its own ghosts and poltergeists. Constructed more than 600 years ago, the Imperial Palace has been witness to a good amount of executions during the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty, and by the following rulers as well. Betrayers of people who went against the will of the Emperor were easily executed.

The horror tales are not just of the executions done by the Emperors but the jealous servants and concubines often try poisoning each other in devious ways. The year when the palace was open to the public, the staff encountered strange incidents within the red gates. The palace staff and authorities have often heard a woman sobbing while she strolls in the ground, dressed all in white. Around the year 1995, the guards also reported a woman roaming around dressed in black. The story remains the same over the long years, the woman tries to speak but doesn’t have a face. One could only see a shroud of black hair. Scary, isn’t it?

Qiu Mansion in Shanghai

The Qiu Brothers first got popular for their paint-selling business post World War I and their success was depicted in the identical mansions they built right in the heart of the city of Shanghai, adjacent to each other. The mansion was soon home to a collection of exotic pets like peacocks, Burmese tigers, and even crocodiles who were seen roaming in the gardens.

But, one day all of a sudden the brothers were found missing. Their mysterious disappearance was never known and the mansions were soon turned into disrepair, the gardens now a land of entangled barren branches.

What’s the spooky story about it? There is a Four Seasons Hotel across the street from where the workers have often seen strange animals roaming around the barren site. In fact, some of the night guards have been treated for animal bites which they don’t know anything about how it occurred in the first place.

High Street in Hong Kong

The creepy yellow lights forming shadows on the empty, dark verandas make the Sai Ying Pun Community Complex a bizarrely chilling location on the High Street in Hong Kong. There is an actual frightening story to match the scene.

Constructed in the year 1892, Sai Ying Pun was home to the European nurses and later a common execution site during World War II. Post-war, the site was converted into an asylum which was abandoned after two incidents of fire in the year 1961.

It is still believed that devilish figures and headless poltergeists are seen wandering in the corridors of the Sai Yun Pun Complex. These are probably the ghosts of the unsettled patients and murdered victims seeking revenge.

We know these stories are quite scary and spooky and so are these mysterious places. If you want to feel the terror and encounter a terrific incident yourself, at least check out one of these haunted places in China on your next trip. Book your flights to China with iEagle now!


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