4 Health Tips: Is Tap Water Safe For Drinking?

Water is the essence and elixir of life. It’s a well-known fact that drinking a sufficient amount of water is essential for leading a healthy life. Your body is 60% water, while your brain is about 75% water, so it cannot be stressed enough that drinking good quality water greatly affects your health.

While most people prefer drinking tap water, it can have a much more negative effect on a person’s health than you may imagine. The clear running tap water might seem potentially harmless to you; however, certain substances present in it that may cause serious health ailments. 


The Contaminants Tap Water Contains?

Tap water contains quite a few impurities and substances that, ultimately, cause potential health problems. The possible contaminants tap water contains may include arsenic, mercury, lead, volatile organic compounds, the byproducts of chlorinated water, and possibly harmful microorganisms or pesticides.

Arsenic and lead being the most toxic of these substances can cause serious health problems; lead is a major source of cancer. Other health problems caused by these harmful compounds include stomach problems, liver or kidney problems, and many other minors and major health conditions. 


Is Tap Water Safe For Drinking?


Tips To Make Tap Water Safer

Despite that tap water is initially processed by the public water system to remove any pollutants, many impurities still get absorbed into the water supply when it passes through the municipal pipes and household plumbing. To discover the exact amount of contaminants in your home’s tap water, you can perform a DIY water test.

Once you’ve determined the number of contaminants in your tap water, there are several ways you can purify your water and make it safe for drinking. The purification option you select mainly depends upon the intensity of toxins present in your water supply. Here are 4 health tips you can use to purify your tap water and make it safer to drink. 

  1. Boiling 

Boiling tap water is the easiest and most convenient way to purify and remove all the impurities present. Since high temperature is enough to kill the pathogens and bacteria present in tap water, boiling water is the most cost-effective way to ensure your water is safe to drink. However, if your house’s tap water supply has a high quantity of contaminants, mainly lead or chlorine, then just boiling the water will not be enough to get rid of the toxins. 

  2. Water Filtration 

The next best thing to do to ensure that your drinking water is as healthy as possible is to use a water filtration system. Today, there are numerous water filtration technologies, like aeration technology, reverse osmosis filtration, distillation, and carbon filters.

Carbon filtration technology is widely famous for its effective filtration that removes the toxins present in your water supply and also makes it taste better. To ensure that you get the most suitable filtration system for your home, it’s a good idea to check your water for the number of contaminants present.

Compared to charcoal filters, reverse osmosis technology can kill almost all disease-causing compounds present in the water supply. Water filtration not only makes the drinking water better, but it also reduces your laundry problems caused by normal tap water and improves the condition of your skin and hair. Remember to Check Waterdrop advanced G3 RO water filter with UV sterilizer.


jbbj Is Tap Water Safe For Drinking?


    3. Iodine Tablets 

Iodine tablets are used to treat impure water to remove maximum contaminants. Sometimes, these tablets are added in a solution or crystallized form. A tincture can also be used as an alternative to iodine tablets. Merely add five drops of tincture to about a quarter of water and leave it stagnant for 30 minutes. Although this is an effective solution to purify impure water, it leaves a somewhat unpleasant aftertaste. 

   4. UV Treatment 

As an alternative to iodine tablets, UV treatment can be done to ensure proper impurity removal from your water supply while not affecting the taste of the water, unlike iodine treatments. The process is highly efficient and does not even consume much time. For instance, in only 90 seconds, a liter of impure water can be purified through this method. The only drawback is its comparatively higher costs. 

Embracing a healthy lifestyle should go beyond just eating healthy. Your health also depends a lot on your liquid intake, mainly the quantity and quality of the water you consume affects your physical fitness substantially.

Ensuring that the water you’re drinking is safe from the many impurities usually found in your home’s water supply is essential. Otherwise, many minor and major diseases like tooth decay, stomach aches, or even cancer can be caused as a result of your negligence. 

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