4 Lawn Care Tips for a Beautiful Lawn

An average American household spends more than $500 yearly on lawn care services. The services include lawn maintenance, landscape design, gardening, and more.

Keeping a lush lawn is more than letting your grass grow. You must take proactive steps to ensure it grows to its full potential. Also, a good-looking lawn can help cool your home in the summer, insulate your home in the winter, and absorb stormwater runoff during the rainy seasons.

Homeowners go to great lengths to ensure their lawns look picture-perfect. But exactly how do you cultivate and maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn?

Read on to learn four excellent lawn care tips to get you started.


1. Get Rid of Weeds and Remove Thatch

To have a beautiful lawn, you need to remove weeds frequently. You can pull them up by hand, using a hoe, or spraying them with herbicide.

Be sure to use the herbicide according to the directions on the label. Don’t forget to get the roots of the weeds to prevent them from growing back.

Thatch is a layer of dead and dying grass, leaves, and stems that sits on top of the soil on your lawn. Thatch can prevent water, oxygen, and nutrients from getting to the roots of your grass, and it can also provide a home for pests and diseases. If you have a thatch problem, you can use a thatching rake to remove it.

2. Mow Your Grass Regularly

Mowing your grass not only keeps it looking tidy but also helps to promote growth. The key is to trim enough that you only remove a small amount of grass each time.

The ideal height for most lawn grasses is 2-3 inches. Any taller grass will start to lay down, and any shorter grass will become susceptible to disease and pests. Use a sharp mower blade to get a clean cut and uniform height.

Not all of us are capable of doing proper lawn care. You can get professional services from RDS Lawn Care to ensure a beautiful lawn. Aside from mowing your grass, they provide landscape, pest control, and other services.

3. Apply the Right Fertilizer to Your Yard

Fertilizer provides essential nutrients that your lawn needs to grow and stay green. Be sure to apply fertilizer to your property in early spring and late fall.

When applying fertilizer, be sure to follow the instructions on the package. You don’t want to use too much, which can harm your lawn. Also, be sure to water your lawn after applying fertilizer so that plants can absorb the nutrients.

4. Water Your Lawn Properly

You should water your lawn deeply. The best time to water your property is in the morning, before the day’s heat. It gives time for the water to soak into the roots of the grass. Watering in the evening can lead to fungal growth on your lawn.

Depending on the grass on your lawn, you may need to water your lawn more or less. For example, if you have a Bermuda grass lawn, you will need to water your lawn more than if you have a St. Augustine grass lawn.


Lawn Care Tips for a Better Curb Appeal

To achieve a beautiful yard, follow these simple lawn care tips. Mow at the proper height, leave the clippings, and water deeply but less often. Fertilize in the fall, and be sure to deal with thatch.

With a little effort, you can have healthy grass and a beautiful lawn that will envy the neighborhood.

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