4 Incredible Martinis to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Martinis have something of a reputation. While they are one of the world’s most renowned and beloved beverages, many consider them to be an acquired taste. Traditionally, a martini only refers to the combination of gin, dry vermouth, and occasionally olive juice.

As you can imagine, the combination of these flavors might be off-putting to some. Still, the martini conjures up images of class and luxury that are burned into our imagination. As a result, bartenders began serving innovative new cocktails in martini glasses.

Nowadays, the word martini has come to refer to any cocktail served in a martini glass irrespective of the ingredients. While purists might scoff at this, there is still plenty to love. Here are some of the best-tasting martinis for when you’re craving something sweet.


Pornstar Martini

The pornstar Martini is a relatively new cocktail. London bar owner Douglas Ankrah invented this fruity delight after a trip to Cape Town, South Africa around 2002. Since then, it has grown to be an incredibly popular drink in the United Kingdom. Noted for its provocative name, this beverage features a unique blend of flavors.

Its primary elements are vanilla-flavored vodka and a passionfruit liqueur called Passoa. These are combined in a shaker with equal parts passionfruit and lime juice then strained into a chilled martini glass. Some drinkers often enjoy this cocktail with a glass of dry, sparkling prosecco.



Espresso Martini 

The espresso martini is another faux martini that has exploded in popularity in recent years. Featuring a creamy, dessert-oriented profile, this British-born cocktail features vodka and coffee liqueur along with espresso and simple syrup. As is the case with many drinks that borrow the martini name, this tasty beverage is shaken with ice and then served straight up into a chilled martini glass.


4 Martinis to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


French Martini

Birthed in the 1980s preceding New York City’s cocktail renaissance, the French martini is a delightful fruit-based aperitif. With vodka as its foundation, the French martini also includes pineapple juice and a luxurious raspberry liqueur called Chambord. Chambord is derived from a mythic liqueur from 17th century France. A purported favorite of King Louis XIV, this raspberry liqueur gives the French martini its name.


4 Martinis to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


Chocolate Martini

Legend has it that the chocolate martini was invented by famed Hollywood actor, Rock Hudson. He and Elizabeth Taylor are rumored to have added chocolate syrup to their vodka martinis while on set in 1955. Since then, this luscious martini has been the perfect boozy treat for chocolate lovers everywhere.

It starts off with vodka as a neutral base and then is fortified with a tasty chocolate liqueur and Creme de Cacao. Finally, after all of this chocolatey goodness is combined, the drink is completed with heavy cream or half and half. Scoop some ice into a tin, shake thoroughly and you’ll be ready to go!  This cocktail lends itself to experimentation. You can find it with other creme-based liqueurs like Irish cream and with garnishes of chocolate syrup or shavings.


4 Martinis to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Apple Martini

Like many of the drinks on this list, the apple martini is another refreshing combination of fruit and liquor. Also referred to as an appletini, it was invented at a West Hollywood restaurant in the late 90s and can be made with vodka or gin. There are several versions of this recipe.

While it is not uncommon for them to be made with apple cider or apple juice, many recipes use apple pucker or apple-flavored sour mix. Additionally, many bartenders may employ a fancy apple liqueur or brandy to really make this drink their own. Naturally, you can often find this drink garnished with a slice of crisp green apple.


4 Martinis to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


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