4 Simple Step to Crafting The Perfect Handmade Cushion

The living room serves as the perfect spot for bonding with your family. That’s why it is essential to create a comfortable ambiance in this place. Having a sofa is a comfortable setting, but you can enhance the aesthetic and comfort of your living room by adding the perfect handmade cushion.

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Most throw pillows available in the department store don’t come with covers. Well, nothing to worry about because you can make your own DIY handmade cushions, keep in mind that you can also buy a ready-made one. This handmade cushion is a soft bag made of some materials, usually wool, feather, cotton, faux, and others. The cushions give a room or house a new makeover without spending an enormous amount from your pocket. We can use the handmade cushion as comfortable support for sitting, reclining, kneeling, or leaning on in your sofa or bed anytime. 

Handmade Cushions

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There are some steps in making handmade cushions beautiful, comfortable and attractive. Making cushions in your own desired design tests your imagination and creativity. You can make cushions either manually or a sewing machine. Update your living room with a new cushion that adds love and warmth to a comfortable couch.

Making the cushions will allow you to create complete art with a heart customizing the color and inspirational fabric and design. A contrasting pattern with different textures, including the complementary colors for the design. In making the cushions, you need to feel the love by doing the arts of it. Sample of a complete guide recommended to beginners that would help you to make a good cushion.

Handmade Cushions

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Materials Needed

  • Fabric
  • Zipper
  • Thread
  • Piping or trim
  • Pillow feather insert or foam

Steps in Making the Cushions 

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Before starting your DIY project handmade cushion, you must have ideas about the result of the project.

Step 1. Measure the dimension

The first thing to start the project is to measure the size pillow or the cushion, including the width and length. You can reduce the measurement a little to make the cushion plump.

Step 2. Cut the fabric

Choose the best fabric like cotton for easy stitching and washing. The measurement of the fabric is an important thing to remember in making these cushions. Figure out the size of a front piece of fabric that needs to cut. Then cut the fabric following all the dimensions. You can use the rotary cutter to cut the fabric to get the edges a nice angle. 

Step 3. Finish the edges

After cutting the fabric you will notice short edges overlapping. You need to finish the edges by folding ¼” of the edge to the inner side of the fabric. Make sure to tuck completely the edge inside the fold. Stitch the inner edge to ensure that the seam is closed. Repeat the procedure on the other edge.

Step 4. Sew the long edges

To complete the process, you must sew the long edges. Make sure where to fold the edge to ensure that the pillow or cushion will fit into the cover. To add reinforcement, backstitch the edges on both sides. 

You can enhance the design of the handmade cushion by adding embroidery. If you don’t have the skills to do such handcraft, you can let anyone do the job for you.

After considering and following all the simple complete guides to making a handmade cushion, you will have a customized cushion. Handmade cushions are quick and easy accessories to improve the ambiance of the room. Your friends will surely appreciate the beauty of your artwork. We can use many designs in making the cushion. 

The best thing about it is, you choose or make your layout design for a handmade cushion. You can make a cushion with a button or zipper. The cushion that is plump and with a decorative design is more comfortable to hug. Best artworks may come from your expectations and desired output. Seeing your DIY handmade cushion after the process is self-satisfying. 

Because of the increasing price of home accessories in the market, we should make our way to produce a quality and durable cushion with our own desired design. It will save you money at the same time improve your handcrafting skills. You can make as many cushions as you want because you can place them anywhere at home. You can also visit Yorkshire Fabric Shop for more handmade cushion ideas.


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