4 Things to Consider Before Finishing a Basement

Whatever your motivations, there is never a bad time to finish your basement. Finishing a basement can provide you with much-needed extra living space that could be used as a home office, bedroom, rec room, man cave, or just about anything else you could want it to be.

However, remodeling a basement is often easier said than done. The basement is unlike any other space in your home. It performs a specific function and has a specific structure that requires certain steps to be taken before you can transform it into another room in your house. With that in mind, here are the key things to consider if you want a finished basement that is flawless and stress-free.


1. Determine Exactly Why You Are Finishing a Basement

Before beginning any basement renovation, it is essential that you understand exactly what you plan to do with your new space. This will determine the equipment you need to buy, the safety considerations you need to take into account, and any permits you might need.

Are you looking to turn your basement into a bedroom or rec room? Are you wanting to turn your basement into a home gym? Perhaps you even want to install an indoor pool in your basement? Knowing what you want to do is the most important first step.

2. Assess the Structural Integrity

When renovating a basement, safety is paramount. That is why you need to assess the safety of your basement as it currently stands to see if there are any outstanding improvements you need to make before renovating.

First, you need to check if there are any cracks in basement walls or any other signs of damage to the foundations. The structural integrity of your basement is crucial. Consider hiring an expert to properly survey your basement before you do anything.


4 Things to Consider Before Finishing a Basement


3. Flooring is Everything

Choosing the right basement flooring is crucial. As this expert basement flooring guide explains, choosing the right material for your floor will help to keep moisture out and shore up the structural integrity of your basement.

In addition, the floor you choose will play a big role in the function of your basement. A home gym will have very different flooring needs to, say, a home bar. Do your research in order to choose the right floor.

4. You Might Need a Permit

When renovating a basement, you are making substantial changes to a building. This means that, not only will those changes need to follow all county building codes that are in place, but they may also require a permit before you begin. Your local county probably has building codes in place governing HVAC use, energy efficiency, soundproofing, and more.

If you wish to use your basement for certain purposes such as installing a pool, you will also have to apply for a permit. Make sure you know what permissions you require before you spend any money on remodeling.

Practical Home Design at Your Fingertips

Finishing a basement can be a complicated process, but the pay-off is always worth it. If you want more practical home design tips that will you the results you want at the best value for money, make sure to consult our expert Design + Decor guides today.




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