4 Tips for Choosing the Best Single Family Homes for Sale

If you’ve had your heart set on buying a new home, now’s the perfect time to get in on the action. The pandemic housing boom has officially ended, meaning there are more single-family homes for sale than we’ve seen since 2019.

Of course, a huge housing inventory presents another challenge: How do you choose the best home for your family’s needs?

Keep reading and we’ll walk you through four things to consider when you’re shopping for a single-family home.


1. Location, Location, Location

This is the single most important factor in the househunting process. You want to choose a home that’s in a safe, secure area with low crime rates. Of course, you’ll also want easy access to healthcare facilities and shopping centers.

You want your home to be a reasonable distance to your work location and good schools (if you have kids). For example, if you work in Columbus, Georgia, or Montgomery, Alabama, you might have a look at homes in the Opelika area.

2. Purchase Price

Next, you’ll want to look for homes that are within your budget. If you look at homes you can’t afford, you’ll set yourself up for heartache or financial disaster (or both).

Get preapproved for a mortgage so you know exactly how much house you can afford. This enables you to move fast and make an offer as soon as you find a home you like.

You’ll also want to consider the home’s potential appreciation and resale value if you ever decide to relocate.


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3. Lifestyle & Amenities

Make a list of the things that you “must-have” and the things that would be “nice to have” in your home. Examples might include:

  • A modern kitchen for cooking
  • Wide-open spaces for entertaining
  • A spare room to transform into a work-from-home office
  • Walk-in closets or ensuite bathrooms
  • A spacious fenced-in yard for pets and/or kids
  • Access to public transportation or walking/biking trails
  • Access to parks and recreational facilities

No matter how hard you look, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a home that ticks every box. So you’ll want to prioritize the features you absolutely need and the ones you can live without (or add later).

4. Current Condition

Speaking of adding things later, what kind of condition is the home in?

You don’t have much to worry about with a new build, but older homes (even just a few years old) always have some hidden issues. If the seller hasn’t already done so, be sure to order a full home inspection so there are no surprises after you move in.

This is also the time to be realistic about the amount of time, energy, and money you have to enhance the property. Unless you’re fully committed to a major fixer-upper project, it’s best to find a home that needs only minor repairs or changes.


Find the Best Single-Family Homes for Sale

You may feel overwhelmed when you begin your search for single-family homes for sale, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Bookmark this article and refer back to it as you narrow your search to the best home for your family!

Once you find the perfect home, it’s time to decorate it. Keep browsing our site for all the design and decorating advice you need.

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