4 Tips for Having the Best Lawn in the Neighborhood

Having a healthy and well-maintained lawn is not only about how it looks and feels but what it can do for your home’s curb appeal and value. Properties with high aesthetic value due to excellent lawn and landscaping often sell for higher prices. A luxurious lawn also helps your home to stand out and gives you a place to enjoy the outdoors.

While you may think lawn maintenance ends after you put away your lawn mower, there is much more to getting the perfect lawn. You will need to know how often to mow your lawn, how to properly feed it, and the best watering techniques for maximum results. Let’s take a closer look at a few tips to help you have the best lawn in the neighborhood.


Deep Watering

Providing less water and watering for extended periods will encourage the roots to grow deeper. One inch of water is recommended once a week for your lawn. If you want to ensure you get an inch of water, put some containers out in your yard and turn off the sprinklers when you’ve got an inch of water.

Watering your lawn in the morning is recommended by lawn professionals. Mornings are cooler, and there is less sunlight, so the water is less likely to evaporate.

Minimize Shade

You will be able to allow as much sunlight as possible to reach all areas of your lawn by cutting back your trees. It is a good idea to prune dead branches and limbs at the beginning of the process. If you prune even a little, you can reduce shading on your lawn and garden and increase their growth.

If possible, try to avoid removing whole trees from your property. In addition to providing a home for various types of wildlife, healthy trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape. For grassy areas under your trees or in areas with moderate shade, use a specialized grass seed that grows without as much sun exposure.

Cut Regularly

Grass grows at a different rate depending on the weather and the location. Weekly grass trimming is a good rule of thumb. If your grass is dry, it’s best to keep your blade a bit long to avoid burning the shorter mowed grass. When the grass is damp, you should avoid mowing it. If the clippings are clumped, this may result in an uneven cut. Electric mowers are also not safe to use on a wet lawn.


It is vital to fertilize lawns with nitrogen to promote healthy and rapid grass growth. A fertilizer that releases nitrogen quickly will help your grass to grow quickly. In contrast, a fertilizer that releases nitrogen slowly will require less frequent applications and will leave your lawn less likely to burn.

Every homeowner wants to have a lawn of which they can be proud. Follow these tips to help you feed, water, and maintain your lawn so that it always looks its best.


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