4 Tips on How to Clean a Bathroom

What’s the one item in your bathroom with the most germs? The answer may surprise you. Beating out the toilet seat and the sink tap is… your toothbrush!

Germs and bacteria can grow exponentially unless you know how to clean a bathroom step by step. It’s a good idea to do a deep clean of your bathroom at least once a week. The rest of the time, wipe down anything you touch often.

Below, we’ve laid out the top four tips on making sure your bathroom stays fresh and clean.


1. Empty the Room

This is a key first step that a lot of people miss. Taking everything off your bathroom counters and shelves can feel tedious and time-consuming. But it allows you to do two things.

First, you can dust and sanitize each of those items and their holders. Think about the trays you have for your cosmetics. Dust collects in all of those crevices.

Second, you can access the areas underneath and between all those items, too. Toothpaste, dust, and other residues build up around them without you realizing it.

2. Clean Counters and Floors

To know how to professionally clean a bathroom, start by sweeping and dusting. You’ve already cleared out the room, so take advantage of that. Sweep and mop behind the toilet in those hard-to-reach areas.

Start by removing dust and dirt, then mop with a strong anti-bacterial cleaner. Use something that is safe for your pipes or septic system. Make sure you cover all your taps, faucets, and toilet handles.

Wipe down your toilet paper holder and doorknob, too. Then use a glass cleaner to bring some sparkle back to your windows and mirrors. Once you’ve scoured the surfaces, you can bring your items back in.


4 Tips on How to Clean a Bathroom


3. Tackle Clogged Pipes

When that shower water starts collecting draining slowly, investigate it. Don’t let clogs linger. A clog that traps hair or dirty water is bacteria’s best friend.

Know how to clear a clogged bathroom sink or shower so you can get rid of any extra germs. You can likely use a hook to remove blockages from your bathtub or sink. Use a plunger for the toilet or, in harder cases, a snake tool may be required.

4. Don’t Forget Light Fixtures

When learning how to properly clean a bathroom, don’t forget to dust and wipe down your light fixtures! These collect dust like no other but are easy to miss. When was the last time you really noticed the light in your bathroom?

Professional house cleaners take these details into consideration whenever they tackle a bathroom. So take a look at your fixture the next time you’re cleaning your bathroom and remove any dust or debris. You may need to grab a small step ladder to make the job easier.


Understand How to Clean a Bathroom

Knowing how to clean a bathroom will limit the number of bacteria you come into contact with on a daily basis. Remember that you only need to do a thorough cleaning once a week. Otherwise, try to keep wipes and sprays handy so you can spot-clean as you go.

Take the time to do it right and you’ll feel so much better every time you step inside. For more on making your bathroom a clean and beautiful space, check out our Interiors section.

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