4 Tips for Incorporating Healing Crystals Into Your Home Decor

Surely, there is a big reason why you developed a love for crystals. Perhaps their luster, peculiar shape, iridescence, appearance, or probably, their healing properties. Many people, indeed, became attached to crystals because of their healing properties that benefit both mental and physical health.

If you want to merge these healing crystals into your home decorations, that’s normal. It’s not just a trend but is actually regarded as part of one’s lifestyle. In this article, we will be giving you tips on how to make healing crystals and home decors blend naturally.


1. Orgonite pyramid crystals as living room figurines

Orgonite crystals are popular because they are said to possess natural abilities for healing our mental, physical and emotional states. So imagine, if you put these treasures into your living room and have them displayed like normal figurines, the healing process could flow more naturally.

You allow the positive energy to be imbibed by the people in the house. When you display them that way, it’s as if they’re decorative objects but actually, they serve another purpose.

2. Dreamcatcher

The general formula of incorporating healing crystals and home decoration is to actually incorporate the urbanity and the mysticism. You can actually achieve this by getting some raw crystals and embellishing them into your handmade dreamcatchers.

The benefit of this is that it protects you from evil spirits and energies in your room while having them displayed like room decor. By doing this, you achieve both goals.


4 Tips for Incorporating Healing Crystals Into Your Home Decor


3. Crystal-embellished chandelier

If you’re fond of possessing the fancy things in life, a crystal-embellished chandelier is a must-have. For instance, having your rose quartz crystals incorporated into your chandelier doesn’t just make the whole ceiling a crowning glory but also a source of unconditional love between partners and household members.

Rose quartz is said to let people imbibe that kind of energy so it’s a recommended addition to your chandelier to ensure everyone gets a shower of unconditional love.

4. Crystals by the windowsills

If you have difficulty creating your crystals into an object, perhaps placing them freely such as on a windowsill is a good way of incorporating healing crystals and home decor. By doing this, you allow the positive energy, such as that which is possessed by a selenite being hit by the sunlight and the moonlight, towards the entire area.

This method also charges the crystal and appears to be less complicated but can actually be very beneficial without much effort. So you both have home decor and a natural, effortless way of spreading good energy around the house.


Final Words

The mystical abilities of crystals just make the whole idea of incorporating them as home decors truly exciting. All you need to learn is to select which crystals should be displayed and used as home decors and transform them into something that looks like a decorative part of the house.

Creativity and being imaginative are key to achieving this. So, make sure to follow the tips above so as to have a good start to purposeful home decoration.


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