4 Tips for Real Estate Sellers in 2021

It’s happening in several places: new homes are appearing on the market and they’re snatched up within weeks (sometimes days). As people continue to flee high-cost areas like California and New York, other markets that are more affordable like North Carolina and Florida are seeing a major surge. If you’re one of the many real estate sellers out there today, how can you capitalize on these exciting times?

You can put on two hats if you will. While you continue to wheel and deal, you can also carve out some time to grow your business.

Now’s the best time to invest in yourself because things are expanding. Our advice is to work your leads (more than ever), get social, and consider bulking up your proverbial toolkit.

Let’s not waste any more time because it’s certainly money these days. Here are our four best tips for your increased success.


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1. Organize Your Leads

Whether you have 12 or 52 leads, make it a practice to organize them. When you have a coherent system, it works better for you. Many Realtors categorize their leads into three categories: hot, warm, and cold.

So, gather up everyone that you know is about to make a move. Organize the leads that are gearing up to buy or sell. These are your hot leads.

Then, your warm leads are people who may have contacted you a time or two. They may not be completely ready to buy or sell yet. Perhaps they’re not even actively saving for a down payment. But, they’re still out there “in the mix” and you should maintain contact with them.

Finally, your cold leads are people whom you’ve worked with in the past, but they’ve never called upon you for anything further (nor have they referred anyone to you). Nevertheless, they’re still a lead; just place them in a different batch.

2. Get Social

We can’t say this enough. Whether you like it or loathe it, you have to be out there on social media to move your listings. If you’re starting from scratch, open up a Facebook business page, stat.

  • Geotarget

Fill out your business profile, set up your address, etc. and get ready to geotarget.

Geotargeting can be as simple as placing the hashtag #columbus every time you list a home in your Columbus, Ohio neighborhood. This will move your marketing efforts in a specific direction.

Instagram is the next sphere you want to have influence in. It’s a match made in heaven for anyone selling a home because it’s so image-laden. The moment a home gets listed, post that ream of photos to Instagram.

  • Hashtags

Again, hashtags will always be your social media companions. One of the ways people use social media is by following hashtags. It’s kind of like setting Google alerts for a specific topic.

So, if someone is into interior design, they’ll follow hashtags like #decor or #interiordesign. You can use hashtags to your advantage, too, with tags like #columbus or #forsale. It’s one of the many ways to be seen on social media.

3. Work on Your Website

The worst thing people in the real estate industry can do is set up a website and then forget to update it. This is your shopfront! This is where people come to get FOMO (fear of missing out) when it comes to the latest and greatest houses for sale!

Take a look at your website. How are the page speeds (since a Realtor’s site is often laden with photos)? The truth is, the more you can make it simple, clean, and easy-to-navigate, the better off you’ll be.

Incorporate a Blog

We know. As we talk about streamlining, simplifying, and organizing, why are we trying to add more work to your plate? The truth is, a blog may require a little more elbow grease, but it’s a great way to draw in new leads, too.

As real estate sellers attach a blog to their company site, it becomes a wonderful resource for potential clients. You can showcase your expertise and highlight housing market trends. Meanwhile, visitors can learn a little bit about the area as well as insider tips on the buying/selling process.

Also, when you incorporate the right keywords (much like hashtags) throughout each new article, it’s another signal to Google and another way to get found out there in a sea of local Realtors.

4. Invest In a Little Training

Yes, invest in yourself a little bit. Perhaps there’s a weekend seminar you can look into or Sydney real estate courses you can enrol in. Find an industry leader who can add a few new tools to your toolkit and show you how to drop a few new leads into your hot/warm/cold basket.

We’ve looked into folks like Darrylspeaks.com before. Sometimes it’s good to get away for a few days, listen to a few inspirational talks to recharge the batteries, and then return home with a wealth of new tools to help you revamp your business.

Sometimes, hitting the pause button and investing in ourselves feels counterintuitive. But, it’s really another investment in the business that will serve as a new building block to success.


It’s a Real Estate Sellers Market

It’s true that it’s a real estate sellers market these days. Why not use the time to revamp your business, invest in yourself a little, and capitalize on these times?

This time is your time. Become a real magnate in your community and, even if it becomes a buyers market again, you’ll still have a great standing you can build upon.

As you continue to hustle and move, we hope you’ll keep coming back to visit our blog. It’s continually being updated, with your success in mind.

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