4 Tips to Help Side Sleepers

There is constant debate over the ideal sleeping position for health, but one thing is sure: sleeping on your side can produce chronic pain in the shoulders! If you are someone who can’t seem to doze off without sleeping on your side, you might be dealing with the downsides of your go-to sleeping position. Here are four tips to help side sleepers like you find relief from shoulder pain!


1. Get The Right Mattress

Sleeping on your side is problematic because it forces your body weight to shift to one side of the body. When this occurs, the pressure placed on the shoulders, arms, and back of the neck can wreak havoc on your comfort level and cause chronic pain. An easy fix to prevent these sleep problems from developing is getting the right mattress.

You will want a bed that is either soft enough to mold to the shape of your body when it is on its side or a mattress that is so firm that you feel extra support, propping your body up when you’re sleeping on your side. Your side is more supported in either case, giving you the preventative care you need to keep chronic shoulder pain away.

To keep side sleeper pillow shoulder pain away, you should also invest in a therapeutic neck rest or pillow to keep your head supported as well. All these efforts will help you feel more support while sleeping on your side, preventing the pain that seems inevitable come morning!

2. Find Better Pajamas

You may think that wearing active gear while you work out makes it easier to move while you’re exercising. While flexibility is an integral part of a movement, it is also a way to ensure that your body stays as comfortable and pressure-free as possible.

To start sleeping better at night, you can increase the flexibility available to you while sleeping on your side by choosing pajamas that have elastic properties.

Choose thermal pajamas that give you more means to stretch as you sleep. Fabrics that constrict body movement can limit the positions available to you, whether you sleep on your side or not, and cause unnecessary strain on the body.


4 Tips to Help Side Sleepers


3. Use Menthol Skincare Products

Skincare products that contain menthol are beneficial for muscle tension recovery because they act as cooling agents. The body relaxes when exposed to colder temperatures, including gels, lotions, and other creams that have cooling properties.

Menthol tends to be more intense than alternatives like peppermint creams, but even these are good options if you have nothing else.

Sports recovery gels and menthol creams used to overcome a cold are helpful for these reasons.

Consider rubbing these ointments on your shoulders before bed so that you are protected from pressure while sleeping on your side.

4. Stretch Before Bed

You may prevent your chances of chronic pain by giving your arms and shoulders the release they need before undergoing a side position for the night. If you typically sleep on your side, you can offset some of the tension experienced from sleeping in the same place all night by stretching before bed using a foam roller.

Doing some simple arm stretches before bed will loosen up your muscles, giving you more flexibility while you sleep. If you don’t feel like stretching before bed, do some stretching during the day or practice yoga regularly to get the same effects.


The Bottom Line

If you are a side sleeper, you can take measures to prevent shoulder pain. Consider the above suggestions as you create a more comfortable and relaxed sleeping arrangement for your body.

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