4 Tips To Make Your First Move Easier

Moving houses, especially the first move, is a time of major transition. Apart from a pile of tasks you will have to go through, it is about leaving your comfort zone and stepping into a stranger’s land. The fact that life doesn’t slow down just because you have a seemingly endless to-do list and have to manage everything together does not help matters. It is natural to approach this task with apprehension as it is rarely not stressful.

Setting up expectations for your move can help reduce the anxiety, but accept from the get-go that stress during this time is understandable and hard to avoid. So whether you are moving out of your parent’s home, moving to a bigger city, or have bought your own house, here are some helpful tips to make your first move easier.


1. Plan Your Budget and Cut Down the Costs:

Just as you think your down payment cheque is the last large sum leaving your pocket, another heavy expense will hit you. Moving expenses can be downright staggering, from transportation charges to closing costs, and you will spend more than you had initially anticipated.

Especially if you are moving to another state, the transportation fees alone will be enough to drain you of your funds. So to cushion yourself against the impact, carefully assess the expenses you will have to bear and benefit from some life-saving moving tips that can tremendously cut down the costs for you.

How much it costs to move a house depends upon multiple factors, such as the location, distance, and house type, and you will have to plan accordingly. Fortunately, with wise planning and a realistic budget, you can cut down unnecessary costs that add up to breaking your bank.

For instance, if you have time to prepare ahead, choose a low season for your move, as finding free packing boxes and affordable storage space would be easier. Likewise, moving your valuables over long distances is risky as they will be prone to wear and tear. You can consider hiring a moving company that provides removal insurance for your valuables.

2. Get Rid of the Clutter

If it is your first time moving, you must have lived in your current home for many years and, naturally, would own a collection of unnecessary things. While you might never have tried to get rid of them, now is a good time to say goodbye to all the clutter. The less the mess, the lesser will be the stress.

So grab the opportunity and take a plunge to pare down your belongings. Decluttering will not only save you time and energy before and after the move but will help you save money as well. The lighter you pack, the less costly it will be to move.

While you will identify most of the clutter at a glance, some items will need more than a once-over to decide if you should carry or discard them. Ponder over if you need that item in your new home or if it has a space there.

So how about giving away the books you have already read and maybe those clothes lying in the closed-off corners of your wardrobe you have long forgotten about using? Be reckless, and get rid of all the unwanted things you would not want to carry for a fresh start.

3. Organize Items to Make Unpacking Easier

Packing your belongings is just half the battle. The other half remains once you move into your new home. While it might be very tempting to dump your things in boxes and move them to your new place, you would not want to face its aftermath. You will have to open up every box to search for a thing in such a mix.

With all the exhaustion of moving your luggage and traveling, sorting out the jumble of items is the last thing you would want to do. So if you are not in a rush to move, place things logically into separate boxes and label them accordingly. After the move, you can transfer the packed boxes directly to their designated rooms.

4. Gather Plenty of Packing Supplies

Packing your stuff is chaotic as it turns your whole house upside down. So plan and gather the right packing supplies before the big day to save yourself some stress.

Even seasoned movers can sometimes miscalculate the number of required packing supplies, let alone a first-time mover. Estimate which packing supplies you need in what quantity, and always buy more than that amount. It will make your packing journey a breeze.

Gather boxes, whether cardboard or rentable plastic ones, packing tapes, cutters, bubble wraps, packing paper, etc. Figure out a way to secure your fragile items and protect your large furniture from damage and buy the needed items, such as bubble wraps, plastic covers, blankets, etc., accordingly.


A first-time move brings a mix of emotions, but instead of being just anxious, foresee the excitement that will tag along with your new chapter of life. Think about all the happy memories your new walls will adorn over the years. Let your new home serve as a backdrop of your life, and it will soon radiate the old homely vibes you are so fond of and are leaving behind.

All you have to do is to go through the bumpy patch of moving, and your life will soon fall back to its comfortable pattern.


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