4 Types of Patios for Your House

Buying a new patio can be just the home improvement project that you need. It’s a nice place to relax and unwind after a long day and can make your property a great place to live, while also bolstering its equity. With so many patio options available, which should you choose? We’re glad you asked. Check out some of the many different types of patios below when you’re ready for your next big home improvement.


What Are the Different Types of Patios?

Designing a patio takes plenty of TLC. Once you know what kind you’d like, you’ll start noticing big results. Here are some of the main design styles and materials that you’ll want to try out:

1. Gravel Patios

Gravel is an excellent building material because it is both sustainable and decorative. It’s a loose material that you can scatter or arrange however you need to, which adds to its flexibility and functionality.

There are also several different kinds of gravel that you can look into when you’re ready to make a patio. Some common types of gravel patios that you can consider include pea gravel, limestone, and granite.

2. Tile Patios

You will appreciate tile patios because they are easy to install, and you can set them up however you’d like. It won’t require you to use grout like you would other patio styles.

Tile patios are very uniform, which makes them aesthetically pleasing and easy to create whatever design that you’d like. The material is excellent for setting up grills and any type of patio furniture that you’d like.

3. Brick Patios

Nothing says class and grace like a nice brick construction. Masonry contractors can put their expertise to the test with your custom brick patio, which can be designed to any size or specification that you’d prefer.

In terms of value, brick patios are also among the most durable types that you can purchase. Brick is known to last for several years and will uphold its character and beauty no matter what sort of style you’re going for. It’s also an excellent complement to the way that your home looks, and is one of the quickest and easiest types of patios to install.

4. Paver Patios

Finally, paver patios contain some of the best attributes that you’ll find, while also having one of the lowest price points. These pavers can be crafted and cut however you’d like, which gives you the chance to have them installed effortlessly. According to Aviara Pavers, they are durable because you can interlock them like blocks, which involves much less mess and labor.

At the same time, they have the charm and appearance of traditional patio styles. Paver patios come in several different styles, including cobblestone, concrete, and basketweave patterns.

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Consider Your Patio Options

The tips above explain the different types of patios that you can choose between. A fresh new patio can revolutionize your home and landscape like nothing else.

Make sure to touch base with a contractor that can build whatever type that you’d like. In the meantime, check out more of our content related to real estate, DIY projects, and so much more.


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