4 Useful Tips to Renovate Your Living Room Without Expending So Much

Sometimes, you just get bored with where you live—the same walls, floor, hallways, decor, bedroom, bathroom, etc. But, as lovely as new beginnings always seem in our minds, the reality is that we generally live where we do for a reason, be that location to family and friends, financial situations, or mortgages, for example.

However, just because you may need to stay put where you are, for now at least, it doesn’t mean you can’t perform some minor renovations on a budget. On the contrary, you may not have to spend anything at all.

Read on for four useful tips on how you can renovate your space without breaking your budget.


Rearrange furniture

When the world around seems to be a little dull, it’s time to mix things up. One way to make a big change is reconfiguring your room’s furniture. 

While this may sound simple enough, many people rush into this job haphazardly and find that the new furniture arrangement may not work as well as envisioned, leaving them with stuff strewn everywhere and furniture trapped in various corners. 

You can avoid this frustrating scenario by grabbing a tape measure and testing your ideas on a piece of paper with a pencil and eraser. First, flesh out some configurations with your roommates or partner, measure the spaces and furniture and sketch your new layout. 

Once you have established a successful configuration, you can plan your moves systematically rather than chaotically.


4 Useful Tips to Renovate Your Living Room Without Expending So Much


Add some artistic flair to your walls

Are your walls bare and barren? This is common in rental properties where a contractual clause states that nothing can be hung from the walls; however, other options exist to liven up your space.

There are many safe, secure, and affordable solutions at local hardware stores for hanging light picture frames and poster art!

Rejoice for the rest of us who have freedom over the content on our walls. There are so many free and affordable options to transform your space with wall art, including: 

  • Hanging art
  • Wall stickers
  • Removable wallpaper
  • Painted murals
  • Plant walls
  • Artwork on easels
  • Smart light features and more


4 Useful Tips to Renovate Your Living Room Without Expending So Much


Keep your home clean and fresh

Dirt, grime, and clutter are sure-fire ways to make your home feel uninspired and unappealing. Unfortunately, as much as we promise ourselves and our home’s other occupants that we will pull our weight and perform weekly scheduled cleaning, for many of us, that gene has skipped a generation.

The most cost-effective way to ensure your home stays clean and clutter free is to adopt a rotating chores system between your home’s occupants; a little diplomatic effort by each household member goes a long way.

However, if you have tried all the trending systems and they have continued to break down, you may want to consider pricing a house cleaner.

If everyone chips in a little bit on top of their rent, you may find it quite affordable to hire a maid or cleaner and keep your house fresh as a daisy with a weekly visit. If you’re looking for maid services in Santa Barbara, for instance, Nancy’s Housekeeping Service offers excellent rates and a variety of cleaning packages that can suit most budgets.


4 Useful Tips to Renovate Your Living Room Without Expending So Much


Address the floors

Floors are often overlooked in a room renovation. While you may not think about it as much as furniture, accessories, and artwork, they take up a significant amount of your room’s overall aesthetic.

There are many ways you can make the most out of your floors to transform your room, including:

  • Installing or replacing carpet
  • Adding some second-hand or cheap imperfect rugs
  • Polishing your floorboards or installing a floating floor
  • Adding lino or vinyl flooring
  • Installing a self-adhesive floor mural
  • Polish your concrete 


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